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How The Perfect General Hospital Baby Switch Story Went Seriously South

Willow and Nelle General HospitalWillow and Nelle General Hospital

It became apparent after just a few weeks of getting to know a new character named Willow Tait (Katelyn MacMullen) that she gave birth to the first Wiley, but this likely would have been much more interesting had we known the birth mother for years.

However, Willow quickly became a very likable and sympathetic character, so we could go with this and it broke our hearts every time she saw Wiley with Brad or Michael and thought this was her baby.

The problem came when a cult leader was determined as the father of this child. It almost feels like this story was just made up as the writers went along and since Shiloh became the whole show, why not make him the dead little boy’s father?

So, now we are left with a story with a sweet woman never having the chance to mourn the baby she gave birth to; a crazed sexually-assaulting cult leader thinking he has a live child out there; an adopted father allowing the child’s bio dad who thinks his son died to be godfather; Julian knowing this is not the original Wiley, but not knowing who this child’s parents are; Brad possibly putting this all in a pledge; and Liesl knowing she delivered a live and healthy child, and no end in sight.

We thought maybe, just maybe this baby switch would be cleared up by May sweeps, but it’s June now and things are more confusing and ridiculous than ever. But hey, at least Maxie got to keep her baby and James just turned one year old. A silver lining?

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