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How The Perfect General Hospital Baby Switch Story Went Seriously South

Willow and Nelle General HospitalWillow and Nelle General Hospital

Baby switch stories seem to be a tale as old as soap time. In the past, these types of stories could go on for years, and now General Hospital has one that’s lasted nearly a year because apparently, it was going to find ANY way to give us a baby switch story. Even if it had to give us the most convoluted one we have ever seen.

When Nelle (Chloe Lanier) and Maxie (Kirsten Storms) both learned they were pregnant at around the same time, it was easy to see a baby switch was coming. But, GH decided to pull a fast one and not do the switch with these two pregnant women.

Perhaps the show originally planned to, but then everyone guessed that would happen so they wanted us to be wrong. We’re not sure. But, it still doesn’t look like this story was planned very well.

It started with great potential. By the time Nelle’s pregnancy lasted about three months longer than Maxie’s (as Maxie went into labor early), we knew the baby Brad (Parry Shen) and Lucas (Ryan Carnes) were adopting would somehow become our switched baby. So, we guessed right by then. We just never guessed how.

Brad brought a sweet little baby boy home who Lucas had yet to meet, and within hours, that baby had died for no apparent reason. At the same time, Liesl Obrecht (Kathleen Gatti) was delivering Nelle’s baby on the side of the road.

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When Brad found Nelle on the way back to GH with the dead little boy in his car, the switch began. Nelle practically forced her healthy son on Brad and then showed up at the hospital with a dead baby. From there, things made little sense.

An autopsy was performed on the alleged baby Jonah (also known as the original baby Wiley) and no real cause of death was found, but nobody could tell that baby wasn’t stillborn? That he breathed for hours or maybe even a day and was even fed formula. No autopsy picked this up? Ok, let’s suspend some disbelief here, but sure.

Nelle was sent to jail, Michael (Chad Duell) mourned his baby, Brad had frequent panic attacks, and then the dead baby’s birth mother changed her mind. Somehow, Julian (William deVry) managed to convince her to change her mind again (off-screen) and we still had no idea who she was.

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