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Paging Doctor Britch: Should Britt Make A Permanent Return To General Hospital?

Britt General HospitalBritt General Hospital

“Love to hate.” It’s a phrase reserved for a very special kind of television villain. The kind that can make you laugh, and cry, shock you with their audacity and still leave you begging for more. One of the best examples of a, “love to hate villain” Dr. Britt Westbourne on General Hospital.

Westbourne was a fixture on the daytime series from 2012 to 2015 but hasn’t made an appearance since a small guest arc in 2018. But, during her initial three-year run the character sure racked up a lot of story points.

Not only did she scheme to break up Dr. Mr. and Dr. Mrs. Patrick Drake but she had a majorly wonky love affair with Greek prince Nikolas Cassadine. Oh, and don’t forget that she was revealed to be the love child of uber bad guy Cesar Faison and his obsessed liebchen Dr. Liesl Orbrecht.

But ever since Lulu poured a pitcher of beer on her, Britt has been noticeably MIA. But is that how the fans like it? Or do they feel that GH could use a dose of Britch? Here’s how 4,000 voted:

Britt is funny, sassy, and definitely missed. That’s the opinion held by 54% of you. Many who voted yes said that it’s high time she got her butt in gear and got back to town to comfort her bestie Brad who has gotten himself into one heck of a paternity pickle.

Another faction of the yay voters wonders if Britt is even aware her mudder went and nearly got herself murdered.

Sure, the fractious mother/daughter duo had their differences but if anyone was gonna shove Liesl off a boat it should have at least been her own flesh and blood. Britt is one smart cookie and you think she is needed to help bring this mystery attacker to justice.

You also think a Britt return could stir up some drama in Elizabeth and Franco’s story as well as poor pitiful Lulu. After all, it was Britt who carried and birthed Rocco and nosy nurse Webber is the one who exposed her misdeed.

Wonder what Britt would make of the whole brainwashed Dante abandoning his wife and child affair. Could a particularly nasty custody battle ensue? Weirder things have happed in Port Charles after all.

Still, there’s a large 46% contingency who say no thank you to a return engagement. For many of you, the canvas is just way too full to support a return for such an auxiliary character.

Sure, Britt’s brand of off the cuff, dry humor is appreciated but Liesl more than makes up for its absence. General Hospital airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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