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What Happened To Sam On General Hospital? Here’s How to Get Her On Track

GH’s Sam McCall has undergone a metamorphosis and needs to get back on track.

General Hospital Sam McCall with the Soap Hub logo.Sam has changed...and not for the better.

The Sam McCall that viewers knew and loved on General Hospital has undergone a complete metamorphosis in recent years. The woman who fell hard for Jason Morgan and was once totally devoted to him, is no more. Instead, she’s rebuffed Jason and even made it her mission to keep their son, Danny, away from him.

Samantha Who?

It begs the question: What’s happened to Sam McCall (Kelly Monaco) and her pure love for her Jason (Steve Burton)? She’s become a shadow of her former fiery self, the woman “JaSam” fans rooted for and adored. But there is a way to get her back on track, and here’s how.

The Big Shift

Sam initially turned on Jason back in 2020, when he and Danny (Asher Antonyzyn) barely escaped a bomb explosion at the Floating Rib, a bomb that was planted by her late father, Julian (William deVry). Fearing for their son’s safety due to Jason’s mob ties, she asked him to keep his distance from Danny. And, of course, Jason obliged.

It’s time for Sam to realize that Jason always has and will put her wants and needs above his own, and he’ll always sacrifice himself for his children. Remember, he let his son, Jake (Hudson West), be raised as Lucky’s child to protect him. And he’s a man who will always lay down his life for the people he loves.

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Heroic Past

Has Sam forgotten the number of times Jason has saved her? When Sam learned she was pregnant with Sonny’s baby, just as Sonny and Carly had reconciled, Jason stepped up and claimed the child as his own. He was by Sam’s side when she delivered her stillborn daughter, Lila, and helped her through the devastating loss.

Over the years, Jason has protected Sam from her abusive ex-boyfriend and helped her take care of her mentally challenged brother. He saved her from madmen, Franco and Jerry Jacks. And when her sister, Kristina, got caught up in the dangerous Dawn of Day cult, Jason was the one who rescued her.

Two of a Kind

Although Sam has tried to live the perfect picket fence life with Dante (Dominic Zambrogna), the pair just aren’t a fit. In her heart, Sam has always been a daring adrenaline junkie, something she shares with Jason and what initially bonded them together. They understood each other and thrived as a fearless duo.

The Sam that stands beside Dante has lost her spunk and fire. She pales in comparison to the woman who once led an adventurous life with Jason. It’s time Sam came to her senses, got her groove back, and finally reconciled with her one and only soulmate, Jason.

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