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Marcus Coloma and Nicholas Alexander Chavez Talk Tough GH Scenes

Marcus Coloma and Nicholas Alexander Chavez Talk Tough GH ScenesMarcus Coloma and Nicholas Alexander Chavez Talk Tough GH Scenes

For General Hospital stars Marcus Coloma, who plays dark prince Nikolas Cassadine, and Nicholas Alexander Chavez, who plays his on-screen son, Spencer Cassadine, working with a good pal can sometimes present a problem when you have to play out some serious familial Cassadine dysfunction.

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The handsome actors took part recently in a General Hospital Fantasy Events Zoom. One of the participants, Lori, complimented them on their great chemistry and asked if it’s difficult for them to play such a tumultuous relationship, like when Nik found out that Spencer was behind all of the stalker drama and it turned physical.

“I’m just trying to learn from Marcus, are you kidding?” remarked Chavez — a statement to which Coloma didn’t seem quite ready to believe. It was a hint of the adorable comradery that fans were about to witness between the two talented actors.

“I find it very hard,” admitted Coloma, adding, “especially because I like Nicholas Chavez so much. And also, not to say…being a father, I think that the condition that a relationship is between parent and a child always rests kind of on the parent ultimately. No matter what the kid does, ultimately I think we all know deep down that…how was the upbringing and all that stuff. Nicholas has been so amazing and supportive of this. There were some scenes, where I was like, ‘Look, Dude, I can’t talk to you today,’ because I get along with him so well and we’re such good friends that sometimes I need to kind of literally lock myself in a room and be like, ‘this is my son,’ and I really have to [concentrate] …it’s a lot of work sometimes.

“Some scenes are easier than others and those scenes are heartbreaking,” Coloma continued. “I mean, the time we got in a fight on a dock…I remember talking to Nicholas about this, but I hated it. Later on, I saw the scenes and I thought they were great, but that was one of my least favorite acting days because it just felt so real, and it’s such an awful feeling to get into a fight with someone you care about so much, especially when it gets physical with a kid. I’ve never done that with my daughter but I’ve definitely yelled at her at times and you just feel like the worst human being in the world, and to me, it’s very traumatic.”

Chavez then asked, “You said you don’t like it cause you like who I am off-camera?” Coloma reiterated that he didn’t look forward to those scenes, but Chavez had another take. “I find those scenes very easy because I dislike Marcus Coloma to such an extent that it’s just easy for me to go into that headspace,” he said, obviously joking, causing them both to laugh. “I’m completely kidding. No, it is difficult because me and Marcus are obviously really good friends with each other. I love this guy.

“But you know,” Chavez added, “most of the time we know that it’s part of the work, right? So on days that we turn to each other and say, ‘Hey, let’s sort of not really hang out,’ we’ll just spend time alone in our dressing rooms until we go up and shoot the scenes. But then after that, we shake it off, hug it out, go out and grab dinner afterward, or we’ll play a game of chess or whatever and after that, we’re right as rain. But I love that Marcus really, really respects the process and the craft the way that he does because, on days that we know we have those scenes, we know they’re going to be a heavy lift, he’s there to do it with me.”

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