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Would It Be A Jinx To Put Jax With Nina On General Hospital?

Jax and Nina General HospitalJax and Nina General Hospital

Jax is back on General Hospital — and there’s a brand new Nina! She’s blonde now! And played by Guiding Light Daytime Emmy winner Cynthia Watros! But she’s still crazy, don’t you worry your pretty little heads over that.

Jax (Ingo Rademacher) is relatively sane — his ongoing love for Carly (Laura Wright) aside. Would he and Nina make a good GH couple? What almost 14,000 viewers are thinking… and feeling about the possibility:

Jinx – You Owe Me a Soda
We’re intrigued, 56% of you admit. There are definitely possibilities there. Nina’s relationship with Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) is running on fumes at this point. Honestly, about the only thing they have in common is Charlotte (Scarlett Fernandez) — and they can’t even agree on just how much of a brat she is and what they could or should do about it.

Once Nina finds out Valentin is paying Sasha (Sofia Mattsson) off to pretend to be her daughter — even if it is to allegedly make Nina happy — that should put a pin in whatever is left of the two of them.

Enter Jax! He can handle crazy. See Carly, above. Plus, he also has a daughter Nina can co-opt. Carly would lose it if Joss (Eden McCoy) started turning to Nina for mothering. That’s as good of a reason to give this a shot as anything.

Don’t Jinx It
On the other hand, 43% of the fans want Jax to stay far, far away from Nina. She is a toxic poison that poisons toxically. And he’s already got Carly for that.

How about a nice, sane woman? He and Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) never got a fair shot (though Jax isn’t a mobster, always a minus in her book). What about Liz (Rebecca Herbst)? Their portrayers used to date! (But, she is married to Franco and happily so.)

Almost anyone on the canvas would be better for him than Nina!

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