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GH Star Eden McCoy Talks Toughest Scene During Sex Video Story

GH Eden McCoyGH Eden McCoy

General Hospital shocked some viewers when poor Josslyn Jack and boyfriend Cameron Webber had their very first sexual encounter recorded by that meanie Esme Prince, who was setting them up for a fall, right along with their best friend Trina Robinson, who Esme wanted to take the fall for her crime. Joss’s portrayer, Eden McCoy, recently spoke about those scenes.

Eden McCoy Discusses Her Character

It was during the General Hospital Fantasy Events Zoom with her GH co-star Tabyana Ali (Trina) when she got the question asking about what was the toughest part of that story for her?

“I think my favorite moment,” McCoy began carefully, “was telling Carly [Laura Wright]. I think that was my favorite scene that had to do with this. That I remember filming like…oh, I really loved that. That to me was just really special and like really fun, special moments to find in there. Like in those scenes, I wasn’t even supposed to be that upset.

“I wasn’t supposed to cry,” she continued. “None of that was written, but you know it happens a lot with me and Laura where we’re not supposed to cry, and then the scene’s done, and we’re bawling. But just to find those moments with her and play off of her reaction. It was so nice to see vulnerability from Josslyn, who I think as a character…that was my favorite part of this entire storyline.

“In my head, I was like, ‘Josslyn needs to lose…like Josslyn needs to lose something…or break in some way.’ Because if you don’t show that humanity and that vulnerability when she’s on all the time…it’s like that’s what I was excited for. Cause I’m like, ‘OK, thank you!’

“I can show now that this is a scared person, a broken person, and she doesn’t have her whole life planned out, and everything’s not perfect, and it’s fine,” explained Eden McCoy. “That was the best, my favorite part about this whole thing. I was able to play vulnerable and exposed and all of the things that we haven’t necessarily seen from me prior in that way. She’s been sad, she’s had loss, obviously with a 1,000 people died since I’ve been on. But it was very different, it was so personal, it was so exposing. And I had never done that before, so that was truly fun.”

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