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General Hospital’s New Couples: Who’s Working? Who’s Not?

Anna Devane, Valentin Cassadine, Dante Falconeri, and Sam McCall on General Hospital

After ending some pretty popular pairings – Sam and Jason, Anna and Finn, Elizabeth and Franco, and more — General Hospital has been pushing a string of new ones at its fanbase. Many came out of nowhere, while one has been simmering in the background for years. How are the new duos faring? Here’s an assessment of who’s working…and who’s not.

General Hospital’s Anna Devane and Valentin Cassadine

Valentin (James Patrick Stuart) has been hovering in Anna’s (Finola Hughes) orbit for decades. They initially met as WSB agents. At the time, he developed a major crush on her that was not reciprocated. Over the years, Anna’s come to see him in a new light. So when her engagement to Finn (Michael Easton) ended, the door was finally open for Valentin to make his move. To date, the pair have shared a kiss, and Valentin wants more. The two have history, chemistry, and tons of potential.

Hamilton Finn and Elizabeth Webber Baldwin on GH

Since Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) lost her beloved husband, Franco Baldwin (Roger Howarth), the General Hospital writers have been pushing her in the direction of the newly single Finn. The problem is it’s all happening way too quickly. Elizabeth needs time to grieve and heal before she embarks on a new relationship. Meanwhile, Finn is clearly on the rebound, after breaking up with Anna. The longtime co-workers are better off as friends, if for no other reason than Finn shares a daughter with Elizabeth’s sister, Hayden (Rebecca Budig). Crossing the line would be a mistake.

General Hospital’s Dante Falconeri and Sam McCall

Since calling it quits with Jason (Steve Burton), Sam (Kelly Monaco) seemed content to put all her energy into being a single mom. That is, until Dante (Dominic Zamprogna), who’s coming to terms with losing, Lulu (Emme Rylan), suddenly began crossing her path at every turn. It’s too much of a stretch to believe danger junkie Sam, who spent most of her adult life in love with a mob man, could suddenly be drawn to a by-the-book cop. Plus, Dante’s heart will always belong to one woman: Lulu.

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GH’s Britt Westbourne and Jason Morgan

Working side-by-side to bring down Cyrus Renault (Jeff Kober) provided the opportunity for Jason and Britt (Kelly Thiebaud) to connect. Before long they were bickering and bantering and seeing each other in a whole new light. Their on-the-run adventure provided the time and space for the duo to take their relationship to the next level, but it all fell apart when they returned home and Jason decided to marry Carly (Laura Wright) for “business” reasons. It’s put Jason and Britt on ice for now, but the pair continue to generate heat when they cross paths and deserve a shot at an eventual reunion.

Nina Reeves and Sonny/”Mike” Corinthos on General Hospital

On the surface, the Nixon Falls romance of Nina (Cynthia Watros) and Sonny/“Mike” has a sweet down-home feel to it. Except the truth is it isn’t sweet and it’s all based on a lie. Nina’s keeping Sonny’s identity from him, which makes their relationship as tenuous as a house of cards. One false move and it all comes tumbling down. Once Sonny learns the truth, it will put the kibosh on any feelings he’s developed for Nina, which is what makes this coupling a bust. The time has come for it to end, and Sonny to return home and reunite with his true love, Carly.

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