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General Hospital Wild Spec: Don’t Take That FLASH Drive, Franco

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Don’t take that drive, Franco. You won’t feel like yourself. So far, two psychics have given those two warnings to Franco, respectively, on General Hospital and he’s thinking maybe he shouldn’t get behind the wheel of a car.

Perhaps he shouldn’t get behind the wheel of Cameron’s (Will Lipton) car since he is a new driver and all. Or, perhaps he should not get himself involved with Drew’s (Billy Miller) lastest mess thanks to Shiloh. (Or even thanks to Drew holding onto a certain something for about a year and not doing anything with it.)

Yes, do not take that flash drive, Franco (Roger Howarth). Because, if you do, you might just feel like Drew Cain, Navy SEAL extraordinaire, foster brother you loved so much, the man who went to Afghanistan leaving a pregnant Kim (Tamara Braun) behind. Yeah, that guy. You may feel like Drew, which would be not quite yourself.

We know Shiloh (Coby Ryan McLaughlin) wants to implant Drew’s memories in Jason because then — voila! — he’d know where some hidden money is. And right now Shiloh has no money, no cult, no son (really, he has no son, but that’s a WHOLE other story), nothing. And, if there’s one thing Shiloh wants, it’s money.

One can only assume he chooses Jason (Steve Burton) for these memories because he looks like Drew once did before Ava ran him over with her car, prompting the need for a new face nearly five years ago.

But, can’t those memories really be implanted into anyone? And wasn’t Jason not a candidate because he was already brain-damaged? If that still turns out to be the case, Shiloh may get a new idea. Especially if Franco takes that drive in a quest to help Drew.

Can you imagine if Franco ends up with Drew’s memories? His new bride likely won’t be happy if Franco is suddenly in love with her buddy, Kim. Heck, Kim might not even know what to make of it.

But, maybe the audience will FINALLY learn about Drew Cain’s life pre-2014 when he showed up in Port Charles. It will just be via Franco, who’ll be feeling like Drew and not like himself…General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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