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Here We Go Again: Can Shiloh Be Redeemed on General Hospital?

Kristina, Shiloh, Willow, General HospitalKristina, Shiloh, Willow, General Hospital

There are no bad guys on General Hospital. In Port Charles, everyone is either a good guy, a future good guy, a saint, or Sonny.

So, where does that leave Shiloh (Coby Ryan MacLaughlin)? Sure, he’s a cult leader, and a blackmailer, and a rapist, and a kidnapper.

But is that really much worse than (reformed) serial killer Franco (Roger Howarth)? (Reformed) mobster Julian (William deVry)? (Reformed) rapist Luke (Anthony Geary)? And/or (proud) killers Jason (Steve Burton) and Sonny (Maurice Benard)? If they can be reformed, what about Shiloh? How almost 11000 viewers voted:

No Forgiveness, No Return
Absolutely not, a landslide 97% of you are puffing out your collective chests in indignation, how dare we even suggest such a thing? What kind of morality do you think is practiced in Port Charles?

And what sort of people would you be if you supported forgiving an evil person’s evil deeds just because they’re charismatic and good-looking and not related to the majority of women in town and thus prime love interest material?

How shallow do you think we are? We will never forgive Shiloh. It would set a very dangerous precedent. Sam (Kelly Monaco) might be traumatized for life!

The More the Merrier
Oh, why the heck not, a tiny 3% of you counter. It’s obviously a very popular GH story, why else would it have been done over and over and over again?

Who remembers all of Bobbie’s (Jaclyn Zeman) schemes? How about Carly’s (Laura Wright)? Monica’s (Leslie Charleson)? Brad’s (Parry Shen)? Maxie’s (Kirsten Storms)? Anna (Finola Hughes) was a double-agent. Sam conned Shiloh’s dad — and, by extension, Shiloh — out of a ton of money.

Nonetheless, they, along with Franco and Jason and Sonny, are currently beloved members of the community. Why can’t Shiloh get the same treatment? General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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