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General Hospital Poll: Is Hayden Working With Nikolas?

Hayden and Nikolas General HospitalHayden and Nikolas General Hospital

Nobody is exactly sure why Hayden is back on General Hospital. And no one is exactly sure of what she’s up to. The only thing keeping fans even vaguely interested in the story is the possibility that Hayden isn’t just meandering around on her own, but that there is actually a method to her madness… and that it leads straight to the madness of Prince Nikolas.

Are the two conspiring together behind the scenes? Over 8,000 fans have some pretty strong opinions on the subject.

GH Poll Results

It’s the only way this storyline makes any sense, 91% of you are putting all your eggs in the Cassadine basket. Hayden (Rebecca Budig) — how to put this nicely? — isn’t very bright. She may have been a con-artist, but she was not a successful one. An actually interesting scheme is beyond her.
It’s not beyond Nikolas (Tyler Christopher), however. He’s exactly who’d be pulling her strings, as well as those of other Port Charles residents. Nik still has unfinished business there. Spencer (Nicolas Bechtel) is part of it. So is Valentin (James Patrick Stuart). And, like so many of his Cassadine relatives, Nikolas has never been one to let death stop him. If Hayden is Nik’s pawn, you now are a lot more interested in the whole tale.

Big Fish, Small Pond

Only 9% of the audience believes Hayden is the brains of the operation. And they love it. It’s about time Hayden shows everyone what she’s capable of. That she’s a woman worthy of Finn (Michael Easton), someone who can give Anna (Finola Hughes) a run for her money.

It’s insulting to suggest Hayden needs a man telling her how to scheme and plot. She’s a strong, independent woman who can be a bitch all on her own. Girl power, yeah! General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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