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General Hospital Poll Results: What Should Happen With Nikolas And Ava?

Nikoas And Ava General HospitalNikoas And Ava General Hospital

General Hospital is no stranger to marriages of convenience. Even if, most of the time, it becomes very inconvenient to the people in the marriage. Currently, both Nelle (Chloe Lanier) and Julian (William deVry), and Michael (Chad Duell) and Willow (Katelyn MacMullen), have tied the knot for less-than-conventional reasons.

General Hospital Polling

And then there are Nikolas (Marcus Coloma) and Ava (Maura West). They also wed not out love, but out of hate. And greed. Mostly greed. But with a dose of hate. So what should come next for the unhappy couple? We’ve got the votes of almost 14,000 fans:

Pull the Plug

An almost majority 45% of you just want to see this story end. In a perfect world, Nik and Ava would retreat to their respective corners and forget they ever met. He can go back to being a moody Cassadine, she can go back to being a vengeful Jerome, and never the twain shall cross paths again.

Love, Love Me Do

Then again, 40% of the audience wants to see this grudge match turn into a true love match. Both Nik and Ava need somebody who loves them unconditionally. They’ve never had that in their lives. (Well, Ava thought she had it briefly with Kevin, but we know how that ended…) This could be the pairing that makes it happen.

Enter Destruct Code #1

Nikolas should destroy Ava, 11% suggest (rather blood-thirstily). She’s been asking for this ever since she arrived in Port Charles and somebody has got to do it. Her husband sounds like the ideal candidate. There’s a poetic justice to it.

Enter Destruct Code #2

Ava should destroy Nikolas, a smaller – but equally bloodthirsty – 4% counter. He arrived in Port Charles a spoiled, entitled brat, and that hasn’t really changed. Nik has never been up against an equal. No, a superior. Let Ava show him how the big kids play. General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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