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General Hospital Poll Results: Is It Time For Hayden To Return?

General Hospital Hayden Barnes May 15, 2019General Hospital

On General Hospital, Hayden Barnes made her triumphant return in the summer of 2019 when she arrived as a surprise guest at Franco and Elizabeth’s wedding party. Where was her baby, we wondered, who should have been under two years old?

General Hospital Polling

Well, her baby, who is actually a precocious and adorable four-year-old, was in Beecher’s Corner, but now she is in Port Charles living with her dad, Finn, and his fiance, Anna. And Hayden? Well, she’s gone again after Nikolas tricked her into leaving Violet behind, thinking they were both in danger together.

Well, Elizabeth now knows that Nikolas was behind her sister’s disappearance and is furious at him, so might she find a way to bring Hayden home sooner rather than later? Also, do fans want Hayden back? What over 9,000 had to say:

Hayden Come Home

A whopping 70% of you believe Hayden needs to head back to Port Charles pronto, mainly because her daughter needs her. But she also brings added drama to the sometimes-flat Anna and Finn romance — not to mention the drama she brings to the canvas because she is always up to something.

Uh-Oh, Nikolas

Another 10% want her back because she needs to enact some revenge on selfish Nikolas, a man who had her shot in the head about five years ago. He never probably paid for that or all the other horrible things he has done to her.

Stay Away

A final 20% do not feel Hayden is needed back at all. They think Finn and Anna have the Violet situation handled and Hayden will just get in the way of their favorite couple’s happiness. After all, Hayden’s habit of disappearing can’t be good for a child’s welfare, right? Perhaps Ann and Finn (an international spy and an infectious disease doctor) can give her more stability than flighty Hayden. General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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