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General Hospital Couples Who Deserve Their Own Classic Episodes Week

General Hospital Jan 22, 2019General Hospital

General Hospital is airing five episodes devoted to all things Sonny and Carly, beginning Monday, June 15. It’s the soap’s latest installment of vintage episodes taking the place of news ones since production was shut down due to the coronavirus.

General Hospital Couples

A few other Port Charles pairs seem poised to follow suit. Here’s a list of three other GH couples who deserve their own retro week, too.

Jason and Sam

Watching a recap of “Jasam’s” 15-year relationship would be a wild roller coaster ride. The twosome has been intricately entwined since Jason (Steve Burton) met Sam (Kelly Monaco) in 2003, eventually seeing her through her pregnancy (by Sonny!) and loss of her baby daughter (Lila), who was stillborn.

Out of the tragedy, a strong friendship was born that beautifully and naturally developed into true love. While they’ve had their share of breakups, the duo always found their way back together, marrying in a perfect no-frills ceremony at their favorite Chinese restaurant in 2011.

Jason’s staged “death” in 2012, led Sam to move on with his twin Drew (Billy Miller), who everyone believed was her back-from-the-dead husband. But when the real Jason resurfaced in 2017, he and Sam couldn’t fight the pull between them and ultimately reunited.

Dante and Lulu

With rumors about Dominic Zamprogna wanting back in at the soap as Dante, a recap of Dante and Lulu’s love story is a no-brainer. From their initial meeting to first date in 2009, Lulu (then Julie Marie Berman) fought her attraction to Dante, but he wouldn’t be deterred and continued to pursue her.

In time, Lulu fell hard for the guy with the cheesy pickup lines, and she and Dante became a couple, although their relationship proved challenging. It took them numerous tries to consummate their love – something or someone always interrupted, and they broke up and made up countless times before tying the knot in 2011.

Although their happy marriage was derailed by Dante’s lame affair with Valerie, which lead to a divorce, he and Lulu (Emme Rylan) realized their love for each other and recommitted in 2016.

The duo was GH’s happy couple, following the birth of their son, Rocco, until a WSB assignment summoned Dante out of town. The mission forever changed Dante, who suffers from PTSD, pushing him to divorce Lulu, yet again, and seemingly ending their beautiful love story.

Alexis and Julian

It all started with sex in the backseat of a car for teenagers Alexis and Julian, producing their daughter, Sam. Fast forward to decades later in 2013, when the duo met up in Port Charles, and the mobster and the lawyer realized their connection. The attraction between the couple was as strong as ever and, before long, Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) and Julian (William deVry) were entrenched in a hot and heavy affair.

It led to a proposal and finally marriage in 2015. However, Julian’s mob ties would quickly lead to the pair’s downfall. First, he let Alexis take the rap for the murder of Carlos Rivera, which he committed. And, later, under orders from his crazed sister, Olivia, he attempted to slit her throat. The pair divorced, however still sharing deep feelings for one another. General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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