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General Hospital Confusion: Dranco Baldwin Is Not Our Drew Cain

Drew and Franco General HospitalDrew and Franco General Hospital

Yes, it seems fairly obvious that Franco is certainly not Drew on General Hospital. We all saw the weird memory-mapping procedure take place with Franco waking thinking he’s the 2012 version of Drew Cain.

General Hospital: Memory-Mapping Madness

And let’s remember that the 2012 version of Drew Cain (Billy Miller) looked like his twin, Jason Morgan (Steve Burton), which can make things even more confusing. That version had also been without Kim (Tamara Braun) for a decade, but somehow this version is still obsessed with her.

But, the biggest problem we have with this memory switch is that somehow a personality switch happened to. The Drew we knew may have not had his own memories, but Jason’s memories.

But hey, he was still a nice guy. In fact, he was a big teddy bear of a guy who cared about everyone and would never walk around Port Charles knowing he was hurting people and not care.

Kim believes Franco (Roger Howarth) is Drew because she’s a few cards short of a full deck, but how are the rest of us supposed to believe he is a semblance of Drew when he doesn’t act anything like the character we grew to love on General Hospital over the last five years.

Even when Drew thought he was Jake Doe, he was nothing if not a real nice guy. When he thought he was Jason, he was the nicer version of Jason who didn’t want to put his family in jeopardy and hurt people anymore.

But this guy who looks like Franco and thinks he’s Drew. Well, he’s obnoxious, bitter, annoying, and comes with a strange accent that nobody who grew up in New York State would have. (Example: Port Charles is New York State, nobody has that accent.)

This story would be slightly more believable if Dranco even acted remotely like the Drew we all knew. It would even be more tolerable. Instead, it just adds one more aspect to the memory-mapping hot mess that is our current GH. We know we have pointed this out before. The problem is, things just keep getting worse. General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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