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General Hospital Poll: Is Kim Pregnant With Franco’s Baby?

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On General Hospital — as in real life — sex can often lead to babies. On General Hospital – as on all soaps – though, the babies might belong to less than optimal parents. Or, at least, to parents, others might prefer weren’t the parents in question.

Such as the current case with Franco (Roget Howarth) and Kim (Tamara Braun). Kim lost her only son, Oscar (Garren Stitt)… and went a little unhinged. She tried to conceive another, replacement child with Oscar’s dad, Drew (Billy Miller).

When he declined politely, she drugged him. When that still didn’t work, she offered the opportunity to boyfriend, Julian (William deVry). He also wasn’t interested.

But, then, as so often doesn’t happen in real — or even on soaps — Franco was implanted with Drew’s lost memories. So Franco thinks he’s Drew. And, unlike original Drew, he remembers his past relationship with Kim. So sex was had. Is Kim now pregnant? How almost 12,000 voted:

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GH Baby Poll Results

Oh, we know she is, 69% of you sigh, some with joy, some with rancor. Sure Liz (Rebecca Herbst) yelling at Kim about it was a good pay-off. But it can’t be the only one. There has got to be a bun in the oven.

Kim will become obsessed with Oscar’s little brother or sister… and with being the family she and Drew were deprived of being in the first place. If she can’t get the body Drew came packaged in, she’ll take the memories. Liz can find someone else. She always does.

Birth Control

A smaller 31% have faith in Franco. Remember how adamant he was about not having a biological child, lest they inherit his mental issues, less than ideal personality, and tendency to talk while eating. Wouldn’t a guy with such strong feelings on the issue get a vasectomy to make sure he can never, ever father a child? General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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