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Does Carly Love Sonny Or Hate Nina More on General Hospital?

General Hospital Carly, Sonny, NinaGeneral Hospital Carly, Sonny, Nina

Ever since General Hospital’s Carly Corinthos learned that her husband fell in love with Nina Reeves while he was wandering around as an amnesiac and presumed dead, Carly has been gunning to get Sonny Corinthos back…and see Nina destroyed.

General Hospital Polling

But which one is the real driving force here? Does Carly (Laura Wright) love and miss Sonny (Maurice Benard), or does she just want Nina (Cynthia Reeves) to suffer? Almost 3,000 of you believe you know the score:

GH: Anti-Girl Crush

Exactly half of you, 50%, is pretty sure that this is about Nina, not Sonny. Carly is used to losing him to brunettes. Losing him to a blonde is something new. If this was Brenda Barrett (Vanessa Marcil), Carly would get it. She’d hate it, but she’d get it. But Nina makes no sense. Carly is superior to her on every front. And what she’s most focused on is making Nina — and Sonny — acknowledge that.

The General Hospital Past Is in the Past

Once upon a time, Carly loved Sonny more than anything. But those days are gone, 27% of the audience dismisses. They died the minute Carly walked in on Sonny having sex with Nina — all because Carly was a few minutes late for their meeting. Now she doesn’t want Sonny. She wants revenge. Mostly against Nina, though.

GH: My Man

Everyone in Port Charles loves Sonny over everyone else, so why would Carly be any different, a last-place 23% reasonably point out. Everything that Carly is doing, Carly is doing for Sonny. Everything Carly is feeling, Carly is feeling for Sonny.

She needs her husband back home with her, their kids, and the other kids they’ve grabbed along the way. This is a meant-to-be couple, and no woman is going to come between them. Sonny will forget Nina…for good, this time.

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