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General Hospital Betrayal: Does Sonny Deserve Carly’s Forgiveness?

General Hospital Sonny and CarlyGeneral Hospital Sonny and Carly

After telling her husband that they were through on General Hospital, Carly Corinthos was absolutely shocked to find him in bed with the woman she threw him out over. What were the odds?

General Hospital Polling

Why wasn’t Sonny Corinthos (Maurice Benard) sitting in the dark, pining and brainstorming about how he might get back into Carly’s (Laura Wright) good graces, instead of hopping into bed with Nina Reeves (Cynthia Watros)? Does Sonny deserve Carly’s forgiveness? What almost 4,000 fans told us…to tell her:

A Bridge Too Far

Anyone who turns their back on Carly deserves everything they’ve got coming to them, 47% of you assert with the same confidence as Carly asserts…anything. Carly accused Sonny of wanting Nina over her. She told him to get out of the home…which he owns (and she not only kept their daughter together but Sonny’s daughter with another woman; because that’s how Carly rolls). Sonny should have known that meant Carly still loved him and wanted him back. And, if he didn’t, then he doesn’t deserve her forgiveness.

General Hospital: Take Your Time

Carly will forgive Sonny. Carly always forgives Sonny in the end. But she needs to make him work for it, and she needs to take her sweet time, 29% of the audience instructs. Make the guy sweat, make him worry, make him beg. That’s the basis of any healthy relationship.

Mixed Signals

Carly may be a teensy, weensy, bit to blame, 24% of voters hesitantly suggest. See that whole throwing him out of the house thing. Under the circumstances, it seems vaguely possible that Sonny might have jumped to the erroneous conclusion that Carly was done with him, and he was a free man who could pursue other romantic interests. Carly doesn’t have to admit she might have acted hastily, mind you. But she might forgive Sonny for misunderstanding her intentions.

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