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Why Isn’t General Hospital’s Robert Scorpio Clearing Anna Devane’s Name?

Was Robert torn between to important women in his life?

Why Isn't General Hospital's Robert Scorpio Clearing Anna Devane's Name?

From the moment Lucy Coe was shot and it was clear that Anna Devane was being set up, General Hospital’s Robert Scorpio knew that Victor Cassadine was behind it, as did Anna. Now that he knows exactly how Victor did it, why can’t Robert use some of his superspy and lawyerly detective skill to bring Anna home?

General Hospital: Holly Told Robert Scorpio Everything

Robert (Tristan Rogers) now knows that Lucy (Lynn Herring) is indeed alive and well and that the person who shot Anna’s (Finola Hughes) gun was Holly (Emma Samms) in an Anna mask. In fact, there was only one bullet that never hit Lucy, while the other bullet was rubber and didn’t do Lucy any real harm. While we understand that Robert wanted to get Holly out from under Victor’s (Charles Shaughnessy) thumb so she could find her kidnapped son, why was there no talk of using Holly’s confession to bring an on-the-run Anna home?

Instead, Robert’s first move was to concoct an elaborate plan to trick Victor into thinking Holly was still doing his dirty work by obtaining that Ice Princess necklace so that he and Felicia Scorpio (Kristina Wagner) could start a fire, give Holly some flame-retardant clothing, and send her on her way while the world thinks she is in a burn unit halfway across the world. Even Felicia didn’t seem to be thinking of her best friend, Anna.

GH: Why Does Anna Come Second?

While Robert was trying to help Holly, why couldn’t he try to help Anna at the same time? Why couldn’t someone with all that WSB experience put what he knew to work and focus on two related things concurrently? Yes, what Holly told him could be considered hearsay, but she gave him some big leads to work with and he seems to have ignored that fact while Anna remains in danger.

When Robert informed Felicia why they needed to help Holly, we can also assume he told her what happened to Lucy, but Felicia didn’t seem to care either. Instead, they stopped everything, got Holly out of town, and let Anna remain on the run longer than necessary for no real reason. They also don’t seem interested in finding poor Lucy now that they know for sure she is alive.

Yes, the pacing on General Hospital can seem disjointed and stories stop and start for days or weeks, but Robert not immediately trying to get Anna out of the mess she is in was completely out of character, and hope it can be remedied soon.

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