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On The GH Couch: Why Alexis Davis Went Off So Hard On Esme

Who was she really coming down on this GH episode?

alexis davis general hospitalAlexis Davis is in need of therapy.

We don’t blame Alexis Davis for having issues with Esme Prince. Lots of people have issues with Esme. Esme did some pretty awful things, including to Alexis’ beloved nephews, Nikolas and Spencer. (Nikolas also did some horrible things to Esme, but that’s not on Alexis.) However, even with all her good reasons for ragging on Esme, Alexis seemed to go particularly hard when she caught the young employee going through boxes in Alexis’ office. Why the near-meltdown? We plopped Alexis down on our Soap Hub psychiatrist’s couch…and came up with two very suspicious reasons.

Not Like Other Girls

Alexis (Nancy Lee Grahn) has always prided herself on standing out from the pack. She’s the good Cassadine in a family of evil villains. She’s a strong independent woman in a town where finding a man is most females’ primary occupation. (We won’t get into the fact that most of the guys she does hook up with turn out to be criminals, psychos, or both, and, if not, then Alexis kills them.)

This is why Alexis took such offense when Esme (Avery Kristen Pohl) compared her crazy parents to Alexis being a Cassadine. How dare Esme suggest that Alexis might be anything like those people? Her murder charges are good, honest, and pure! She would never take advantage of people like they do! She’s never been selfish or manipulative or cruel! She’d never protested that much!

Alexis Davis: On The Homefront

Esme reminding Alexis of her family also must have reminded her of the mess going on at home. Molly is mad at Kristina (Kate Mansi), Kristina is mad at Molly (Brooke Anne Smith), and when Sam (Kelly Monaco) is the voice of reason, it really is an opposite kind of day. Except that Alexis can’t control or even tell what to do with the three young women she birthed. So, she went for the next best thing, trying to control and tell what to do the young woman who works for her. Esme has to listen to Alexis. And she’d better!

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