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On The Couch: Let’s Explore Esme Prince’s General Hospital Issues

Why does Esme Prince do the things she does? And for whom?

general hospital esme prince has a lot of crazy emotions, perfect for the soap hub therapistIt's time to put Esme Prince on the Soap Hub therapist's couch.

Esme Prince is currently residing in a General Hospital bed. Not just because she’s given birth to a giant baby on the floor of a drafty castle without any painkillers. But because she is also suffering from brain damage which led to amnesia. So she says. Even assuming Esme is telling the truth, this is a young woman who had needed psychological care long before she took the swan dive, which caused her latest injury.

Esme Prince: Little General Hospital Girl Lost

Esme (Avery Kristen Pohl) grew up knowing she was adopted. And then, she lost her adoptive parents. Now, maybe she had something to do with that. But they were lost, either way. Since then, even before then, Esme has been looking for a family. Which was why she was such easy pickings for her biological “daddy,” Ryan (Jon Lindstrom).

Tell Me GH Lies

We’ve been led to believe that almost everything Esme did, whether it was seducing Nikolas (Adam Huss) or terrorizing Ava Jerome (Maura West), was all at Ryan’s command. Only exposing Cameron (William Lipton) and Joss’s (Eden McCoy) sex video and framing Trina (Tabyana Ali) for the crime, was her own idea.

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But it was more than that. Esme resented Cam and Joss. Not because they had each other. She is so above their teenybopper puppy love. But because Cam has a loving, supportive mom who loves him. And because Joss has a loving, supportive mom who would do literally anything for her precious baby girl. So does Trina. Esme doesn’t.

All in the General Hospital Family

But Esme could try to be a loving, supportive mom. To a baby of her own. Seducing Nik and getting pregnant after she failed to do the same with Spencer (Nicholas Alexander Chavez), was Esme’s way of having a family of her own. Of getting back the one she left. And of rewriting her own story. She just took a slightly felonious path to get here.

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