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Before They Were Soap Stars: GH’s Kirsten Storms Blasts Off

General Hospital Kirsten Storms

Did you think that General Hospital’s Steve Burton (Jason Morgan) was the only one who ever lived out of this world? Nope. While Burton was dating a girl from outer space, Kirsten Storms actually was one!

Kirsten Storms: To Your Future

Yes, Burton was on Out of This World while Zenon was a Girl of the 21st Century (which, pretty much all babies born in the past 21 years are, but it seemed futuristic back in 1999). In 2049 (which is only 28 years from now; think about that for a while), 13-year-old Zenon (Kirsten Storms) lives on a space station (still 28 years from now).


But Zenon is a mischievous little thing, and she’s banished to live on Earth, among normal, Earth-raised children. Zenon has a hard time fitting in. Kind of like Lindsay Lohan in Mean Girls.

Kirsten Storms: To the Rescue

However, little misfit Zenon unearths (ha, see what we did there?) a plan to crash the space station via a computer virus (remember, it was 1999, we were all convinced that, come 2000, all computers would stop working and planes would fall out of the sky while life as we knew it came screeching to a halt).

You Gotta Have Friends

Then – plot twist! – Zenon, the friendless wonder makes friends. Two guys named Andrew and Greg, and Raven-Symoné as Nebula. So, basically, we’re talking Belle Black, Shawn-Douglas Brady, Philip Kiriakis, and Mimi Lockhart (Storms played Belle on Days of our Lives before she made the move to Maxie on GH). Much wackiness ensued, and the space station was saved! Yay!

Next On

So was this the end of Zenon? Nope! Then 2001 brought Zenon: The Sequel, and 2004 gave us Zenon: Z3. In the latter, they’re colonizing Mars. In the year 2054. Which is 33 years from now. So that’s something to look forward to. But don’t take our word for it, watch this trailer, starring an itty, bitty Kirsten Storms for yourself.

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