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Ava and Nikolas: The Forbidden Couple General Hospital Is Finally Ready to Explore

Ava and Nikolas General HospitalAva and Nikolas General Hospital

After four years of toying with an Ava and Nikolas pairing, General Hospital is finally moving forward with the forbidden couple. The verdict? It’s about time, and it’s going to be worth the wait.

General Hospital: The First Connection

The Port Charles duo had their first chemistry test, when Ava (Maura West) bumped into Nikolas, then played by Tyler Christopher, while they were both on a plane bound for London. The two Daytime Emmy winners had an instant spark, yet the show couldn’t rush things. Selling the audience on the popular Cassadine prince teaming with the deadly femme fatale wouldn’t be a slam dunk.

Switch Off

Unfortunately, just as things started simmering, GH pulled a casting switch and all progress was lost. Nick Stabile stepped into the role of Nikolas, as he and Ava were kidnapped, escaped, and headed to Cassadine Island, where he ended up “dead” via a fight with Valentin (James Patrick Stuart). And, just like that, the potential Nik/Ava matchup was over.

Enter Marcus

Hope was restored, however, when Nikolas returned to Port Charles in 2019 with yet another actor portraying him, newcomer Marcus Coloma. After some unscrupulous antics by Nikolas to get his hands on the Helena portrait that held the codicil to Mikkos’s will, Ava blackmailed him into marriage. And, just like that, the duo’s twisted union was off and running.

Strike That Match

The GH writers are now moving forward with the pairing ever so deliberately. The duo has both professed to loathe one other and are each determined to make the other stray, so they’ll come out the winner in their divorce postnup.

However, over recent weeks, viewers have seen that Nikolas and Ava’s hatred is rife with passion. In fact, they shared a passionate kiss during one of their recent arguments, which they both protested afterward. (Of course, thanks to COVID, we did not see that kiss.)

With Coloma’s feet now planted firmly beneath him as Nikolas, and West developing a fiery connection with him as Ava, GH finally seems ready to strike a match to this duo and let them burn. They could prove to be the most combustible couple the soap has had in years. General Hospital (GH) airs weekdays on ABC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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