Will And Grace 2017 Recap Episode 5: Quirky Conundrums

Will and Grace RecapWill and Grace Recap

Will & Grace returned to NBC on Thursday full of hope for all the main characters. Will (Eric McCormack) was aiming for a promotion, Grace (Debra Messing) was gunning for a big client, Jack (Sean Hayes) secured some money (kind of), and Karen (Megan Mullally) gained a morphine drip (sort of).

Will was on the verge of being made senior partner of his law firm, which seemed enticing at first. That was until he realized he really didn’t want to be a dull corporate lawyer for the rest of his life.

Grace was given the possibility of snagging the best job of her career: Interior designing 14 boutique hotels but the owner, Eli Wolf (Max Greenfield), was also considering another candidate.

When interviewing, Wolf made Grace jump through verbal hoops, including a job promise if she made Will date him. Wolf asserted, “You want to go to the ball, Cinderella? Stick that in a pumpkin and send him my way.”

Jack bought into a lottery ticket that scratched off to show that the holder won $2,000. Sadly, that holder was Jack’s colleague who said the one dollar Jack contributed was just a loan.

Karen’s frenemy, Beverly Leslie, had a morphine drip delivered to a country club room. Sadly, the room had been double booked and Karen thought she was in for a fun night. Beverly arrived for some respite following plastic surgery and after he was hooked up, he admitted to Karen he is gay.

So, how did all these situations resolve?

A sober Beverly Leslie acted like he never came out to Karen while Jack handed over the winning scratcher that wasn’t really his to a Boys and Girls Club kid whose dad had been laid off.

Will won the promotion but cried over the decision while Eli tried to hook up with him. Those tears turned off the hotelier who swiftly walked out on their date.

Grace chased Eli to his personal helicopter pad, begging for the job that was hers anyway. As a result of this whirlybird rendezvous, she looked like a wreck, causing Will to mutter, “Oh, look, it’s white Diana Ross.”

Will & Grace airs on NBC on Thursdays at 9 p.m., ET.

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