Top Five Reasons We Miss Izzie Stevens on Grey’s Anatomy

Grey’s Anatomy Izzie Stevens June 4, 2019Grey’s Anatomy Izzie Stevens

Izzie Stevens has been off of Grey’s Anatomy for over 10 seasons, but we still miss her. Not only was she such a fun character to watch, but she also had very interesting relationships with almost every single character.

From her marriage to Alex to her complicated friendship with Meredith, it’d be interesting to see where she is today. Here are the top five reasons we miss Izzie (Katherine Heigl) on Grey’s Anatomy!

1. No Fear
Izzie had a fiery personality, which sometimes got her into trouble, but she was never afraid to call out people when they were doing something she didn’t like. In fact, one of the most iconic Grey’s Anatomy scenes was when she called out Alex Karev for teasing her about being a model. We loved watching her rants.

2. What Might Have Been
Though Alex is happily married to Jo, we still miss his relationship with Izzie. They loved each other so much and went through so many difficult moments together. Alex stood by Izzie’s side as she battled cancer and they had a beautiful wedding. While we’re glad Alex found new happiness, we still wonder what could’ve been.

3. Great Doctor
Izzie was smart and determined. She may not have been as naturally gifted as Cristina or come from medical royalty, like Meredith, but she worked her butt off. She impressed Dr. Bailey by donating the money she inherited from Denny to open the free clinic and then handling so much responsibility there.

4. Good Friend
Izzie sometimes made bad decisions when it came to romantic relationships, but she was always a good friend. She was nice to Meredith and Cristina even when they weren’t always nice to her and she supported George through his tough times.

5. Big Heart
Ultimately, the thing that truly separated Izzie from the other doctors on Grey’s Anatomy was how much she cared about the people she loved. Whether it was breaking rules to help save Denny Duquette or standing by her friends during tough times, she loved really hard.

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