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Top Five OMG Moments From Night One Of Bachelor In Paradise

Bachelor In Paradise August 6, 2019Bachelor In Paradise

Bachelor In Paradise is back, baby! Season 6 officially premiered on Monday, and it certainly didn’t disappoint. While it was great to see all of our favorite Bachelor Nation contestants back together, the first episode certainly brought the drama.

From one contestant dating multiple women to another coming out of retirement, here are the top five OMG moments from night one of Bachelor in Paradise.

5. Demi Burnett Gets Honest About Her Sexuality
Burnett recently addressed her sexuality on Twitter after a Bachelor in Paradise trailer showed her kissing a woman, but on last night’s episode, the 24-year-old officially came out as sexually fluid. In fact, she told Bachelorette Hannah Brown that prior to going on the show she was casually dating a woman.

4. Chris Bukowski Comes Out of Retirement
Bukowski has officially returned to Bachelor in Paradise after a four-year hiatus. The 32-year-old, who has been on Bachelor Nation shows five times, decided to come out of retirement and give reality TV another chance. Though he said he was done with trying to find love on TV back in 2015, he truly believes his sixth time will be the charm. Hmm.

3. Watch Out For Clay Harbour
Many women showed interest in Harbour, but fellow contestant Annaliese Puccini warned the girls that Harbour was dating Bachelor Nation star Angela Amezcua, but it ended right before he went on Paradise. Puccini, who’s close to Amezcua, revealed she doesn’t think Harbour is over his ex and isn’t on the show for the right reasons.

2. Caelynn Miller-Keyes Drops A Bombshell
Miller-Keyes revealed during last night’s episode that she had a fling with Blake Horstmann prior to going on Paradise, but that he basically ghosted her and wanted her to lie about their relationship for the sake of the show.

Not only that, but Miller-Keyes also shared that while she hooking up with Horstmann he was also spending serious time with fellow Bachelor Nation star Kristina Schulman. This is one messy situation, folks.

1. Blake Horstmann Is In Trouble
Horstmann has found himself in some serious hot water. During last night’s episode, he was juggling relationships (guess he didn’t learn from the experience above) with Tayshia Adams and Hannah Godwin, but it looks like he’ll also face the wrath of Miller-Keyes, who is not happy with him.

Not to mention, Schulman shows up at the end of the relationship, which is sure to throw another wrench in the already very complicated situation. Word to the wise, don’t date multiple girls at the same time on or off the show!

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