Top Five Women of All Time From The Bachelorette

The Bachelorette Rachel LindsayThe Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay

There have been 14 seasons of The Bachelorette — soon to be 15! — and each season’s lead has been amazing. Not only did each woman want something different out of their season, but they all also had such distinct and different personalities.

From the fun and bubbly types to the edgy and no-nonsense gals, here are the top five Bachelorettes of all time! See if your personal list matches up with ours.

5. Ali Fedotowsky
Fedotowsky was the girl next door. She was beautiful, sweet, and had a heart of gold. She hated having to send the guys home, but she always ended up doing what was right in the end.

4. Andi Dorfman
Dorfman was a no-nonsense kind of girl. She took her job as The Bachelorette seriously and really wanted to find herself a match. Though her engagement to Josh Murray lasted a while after the show wrapped, they ended up splitting.

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3. Kaitlyn Bristowe
Not everyone loved Bristowe as The Bachelorette, but she was definitely original! She was never afraid to do things her way, even if that meant making a few people mad. Bristowe always marched to the beat of her own drum.

2. Rachel Lindsay
Not only was Lindsay the first African American lead on The Bachelorette, and the entire franchise for that matter, she was different than some of the other girls who came before her.

Lindsay knew what she wanted, was at the right age to get married, and didn’t suffer fools gladly. She’s still with her pick, Bryan Abasolo, and they are getting married later this year!

1. Trista Sutter
There’s no question Trista Sutter is the best Bachelorette of all time. Not only was she the very first — so she had no one to look to for advice — she is still with the man she picked on the finale, Ryan Sutter! They now have two beautiful kids and live in Vail, Colorado.

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