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Top Five OMG Moments From BH90210 Episode 5

BH90210 MomentsBH90210 Moments

Leave it to the pop culture gossip shows on BH90210 to get just enough information right to avoid a nasty network-launched lawsuit. Sure, the “vultures” are correct when they revel that nary a scene for the 90210 relaunch has been filmed and that director Jason Priestly isn’t taking that fact lightly.

But as we learn in the newest episode – entitled Picture’s Up – there is absolutely no truth to the rumors that Jennie Garth and Shannen Doherty are exhibiting diva-like behavior.

The former is too busy knocking boots with her new bodyguard and the latter is too engrossed in her scream therapy. And the new head writer isn’t sleeping with Ian Ziering – well, not yet anyway.

Production Blues
The actors are all ready to (finally!) shoot their first scene but a meeting with Christine Elise crushes their collective spirit. Turns out production is being shut down and an HR investigation is being launched.

The network wants to try and gage the identity of the individual who set fire to the 90210 sets. FOX is really worried it’s an enraged employee, so if a culprit isn’t unmasked by the end of the week, it’s curtains for the new series.

Scooby Dooby Doo
The 90210ers aren’t about to let a criminal with a fetish for flames interrupt their return to television so they set out to find the mad man and bring him to justice. But just who could it be? A brainstorming session initially reveals only 125 suspects – including the original series prop guy, Christina Aguilera, Jerry Seinfeld, and for some reason the fictional Anakin Skywalker and Ben Kenobi.

However, a tumble down a staircase convinces Tori that she knows EXACTLY who’s out to sabotage the reboot: Jamie Walters — AKA Ray Pruit, the abusive boyfriend who sent Donna Martin headlong down some concrete steps. The gang confronts him but it’s no dice seeing as how he’s now a firefighter – “I put out fires, I don’t start them” – with absolutely no ambition to re-enter the acting world.

Staying Power
The original 90210 was on for a long time. Like, a VERY long time. An entire decade to be exact. But this comes as a big shock to Shannen “There was a season six?” Doherty. Gabrielle confirms this – kinda – but Shannen still isn’t sold. “Siri,” she queries, “how many seasons of 90210 were there?”

No Labels
Gabrielle is a little put out that Christine wants her to sign a relationship consent/disclosure contract. She’s not sure that she’s ready to tell the world about these strange new feelings that she is just beginning to explore. But she does come clean to her friends and comes out – not as gay or bisexual – but as “undeclared.”

Father’s Daze
Things are a little awkward between Brian and Zach and the erstwhile David Silver doesn’t help matters when he offers to let Zach call him Dad despite his inability to tell Shay – or anyone else for that matter – about the boy’s true identity.

However, Gabrielle’s admission spurs Brian on to introduce his newfound son to his TV family, who welcome Zach with open arms. But trouble is on the horizon in the form of a mystery man lurking outside the studio and brandishing a police badge. When he spots Zach and sees him recycle a water bottle, the stranger purloins the discarded plastic.

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