Top Five Shocking Deaths That The Walking Dead Fans Will Never Forget

The Walking DeadThe Walking Dead

In The Walking Dead universe, people die from both Zombie bites and human enemies looking for control, and barely a week goes by without at least one onscreen death.

The Walking Dead: Most Shocking Deaths

Here are some of the most shocking and memorable endings that hit fans the hardest over the years.

1. Glenn Rhee

One of the original heroes from Season 1, Glenn (Steven Yeun) was a fan-favorite and his death by the hands of Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan), and his bat Lucille was one of the most gruesome in The Walking Dead history. Not that it wasn’t expected.

Fans of the comic knew Glenn’s fate, which came about in the landmark 100th issue, and rumors of his demise were everywhere. But, the show almost threw a curveball to fans by having Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) be the victim of the Saviors leader’s swing, thus appearing to change Glenn’s fate. Only Negan was in a swinging mood that fateful day and delivered a second death blow.

2. Lizzie Samuels

Another really dark moment in the show’s history found tween Lizzie (Brighton Sharbino) kill her younger sister Mika (Kyla Kenedy) because she wanted to see her turned into a Walker she could play with. Poor Carol (Melissa McBride), who was raising the two girls and knew that she couldn’t let the little psychopath continue on after she talked about doing something similar to baby Judith. In a page out of the classic Of Mice and Men, Carol had Lizzie “look at the flowers” while she tearfully ended her life.

3. Herschel Greene

The voice of reason for much of Seasons 2-4, Herschel (Scott Wilson) provided guidance for Rick, was a lovable dad to Maggie (Lauren Cohan), and a father figure to Glenn. A vengeful Governor (David Morrissey) kidnapped the former veterinarian/farmer and decapitated his head in front of Rick and company before demolishing the prison.

4. Sophia

As the only other kid besides Carl (Chandler Riggs) among the original group of survivors, Sophia (Madison Lintz) seemed to be one of the safest characters on the show during Season 2, plus fans of the comic know she is an important character when she grows up.

Still, The Walking Dead likes to keep fans on their toes, and after a half-season of people searching for Carol’s daughter, it was eventually revealed that she had turned into a Walker and was kept locked in a barn on the same farm where everyone thought they were safe. When a reanimated Sophia showed herself to everyone, Rick stepped up and shot her in the head as Carol painfully looked on.

5. Jesus

Jesus (Tom Payne) was one of the later-season heroes who was kind, yet possessed warrior-like skills. He had risen to become a leader at Hill Top when during a typical fight with the Walkers, one of them ducked and stabbed Jesus, whispering “you don’t belong here” as he watches him die. This was the introduction to The Whisperers, and a big death was needed to show their power.

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