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The Walking Dead’s Twisted Triangle of Negan, Carol, and Alpha

The Walking Dead Carol, Negon, AlphaThe Walking Dead Carol, Negon, Alpha

It’s been a couple of weeks now since Alpha (Samantha Morton) made Negan (Jeffrey Dean Morgan) strip down to his birthday suit—but keep his Zombie mask on!—in one of the most disgustingly can’t-look-away moments on TV, as the two knocked boots in the woods on The Walking Dead.

The Walking Dead’s Twisted Triangle

The image of that icky moment probably still lingers for many, as who would have thought that the Whisperers demented leader even thought about things like that, no matter how hot Negan looked in his old leather jacket.

Last week, Negan finally put an end to any hopes of a “Westley-Buttercup true love” by slicing his lover’s neck and delivering Alpha’s severed head to Carol (Melissa McBride). Her response: “Took you long enough!”

Yes, it appears Carol and Negan have been plotting Alpha’s demise all along, meaning it was she who let the former Saviors leader out of his jail cell. While many fans always expected that Negan would fulfill his comic book destiny by going all Headless Horseman (or George Vogelman for you Practice lovers out there) on Alpha, it wasn’t clear who he would be bringing it to, since he offered it to Rick as a peace offering in The Walking Dead’s comic counter world.

But after all the knocks that Carol has taken lately, wouldn’t it have been more satisfying for Mrs. Peletier to have taken out her rival? After all, not only did Alpha kill her son and stick his head on a stake, which caused her downward spiral that resulted in the end of her relationship with Ezekiel, but the show has had no less than three intense staredowns between the two women over the past season. So having Carol deliver the deathblow may have been more satisfying.

And now does this mean Carol and Negan will be friends? Sure, he’s redeemed himself somewhat, but this is still the man who bashed the heads of Glenn and Abraham with his trusted bat Lucille and his Saviors killed her former lover, Tobin (anyone remember him?), in addition to countless friends.

A Negan/Carol partnership just seems wrong. I’m sure Daryl (Norman Reedus) will have a lot to say about his bestie teaming with Negan in the weeks to come. The Walking Dead airs Sundays on AMC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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