The Walking Dead: Is Carol Letting Her Guard Down?

Melissa McBride The Walking DeadMelissa McBride The Walking Dead

Tough, jaded, and always-ready-for-a-fight Carol has found a new friend in Season 8 of The Walking Dead this year, but does that mean she’ll be letting her guard down.

Actress Melissa McBride explained to Comicbook.com what’s really going on in her character’s head regarding her relationship with Ezekiel, admitting that while Carol has pretty much seen it all, she still finds something appealing about optimism.

“She’s reserved because she understands,” McBride said. “She’s been through a little bit more outside the Kingdom walls than the King himself has, and while he’s very, very optimistic, he’s not giving up the fight in any way. That’s something that’s driving him is him optimism, so she’s not going to mess with that.”

McBride continued: “And who knows if those people were aware of the reality of how bad it could get to come with us to help fight. She understands that, so if she has any reservations, I don’t think she’s putting it all out on the table. As long as they’re heading forward and going to the battle to try to win this war, he can have his optimism.”

Carol is a character with a smile that has made her seem like Suzy Homemaker, but with the grit and drive to put down anyone who gets in her way–and in the way of anything that can harm Rick and his loyal tribe.

However, with Ezekiel she can let her guard down just a tad now that he has done the same. Will this new relationship put a chink in her armor this season, or just make her emotionally stronger? We guess you’ll have to watch and see how this develops.

The Walking Dead airs Sunday, 9 EST on AMC.


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