The Bachelor Finale Night One Recap: Which Gal Will Peter Weber Choose?

The Bachelor Peter WeberThe Bachelor Peter Weber

Peter Weber, AKA Pete the Pilot, narrowed his choices down as to who was going to be his co-pilot for life on The Bachelor last night. However, the decision wasn’t necessarily all in his hands – just like it wasn’t when Hannah Brown dumped him on her season of The Bachelorette.

In case you missed last night’s episode, here’s what happened: host Chris Harrison teased again that this was the most shocking finale ever in Bachelor history. Peter brought both finalists home to meet his family.

The Bachelor: Mother, May I?

Peter’s mom wanted to know if the finalists have said they love him. Mom is really concerned that Madison has not said she loves her baby boy. “Who are we meeting today?” Pete’s mom said with the subtext of “it had better not be that girl who won’t say she loves you!” Good news! It’s Hannah Ann. She makes a really great impression on Mom.

Pete’s dad and brother Jack (who could be his twin) seem to like her too, but it’s Mom’s opinion that’s going to carry the most weight. “There she is!” Pete’s mom says, all happy to meet the woman who’s taking her son away from her. Hannah Ann wants Pete’s family to know that she loves him.

“When did you realize there were feelings for him?” asks Mom with a tone in her voice that reads “You BETTER come up with the right answer!!”

Peter’s mom and Hannah Ann sit down for a one on one. She’s crying. Pete’s mom appears to be on board with Hannah Ann. Yay!

Madison, Girl, You in Danger!

Next, it’s Madison’s turn to meet the family. She walks in not knowing that Hannah Ann has won them over. She has a problem with Pete being involved with other women while he’s dating her. Mom is not a fan of Madison in that way that Victoria Grayson didn’t think Emily Thorne was good enough for her son, Daniel, on Revenge.

Pete says he’s in love with Madison, who says, “Like, love isn’t the issue here, you know? Like, that’s not the problem.” Like, maybe, the issue is like, you use the word “like” too much, Madison. But wait! She’s now using the words “I love you.” This ain’t over, folks!

Madison says she loves Pete in front of his mom. Pete talks to his brother, Jack, about which woman he’s compatible with and it’s clear that Jack is not on #TeamMadison. Pete’s conflicted because his family isn’t on board with Maddy. Hey, Pete! Your family isn’t marrying Maddy. You are!

Pete’s mom points out that Madison and Pete might not be on the same page because of their varying lifestyles. “I don’t want anyone to change him,” Mom says with an underlying tone. Understandably, Madison describes the day as long and emotionally hard. Hey, Madison, imagine what the holidays would be like as Mrs. Weber!

Mom Takes Center Stage

Pete’s mom breaks down in tears, sobbing in his arms. She wants him to be happy! Get this woman a Hollywood screentest!

“She’s not there for you,” says Mom, referring to Maddy, giving a performance that would make Susan Hayward proud. She adds that God put Hannah Ann in his path.

Pete’s family asks him “Where are you at?” choosing to end their sentence with a preposition. (Really, guys, “Where are you?” would suffice.) Dad’s conflicted with why his son has this decision to make. Like, has he never seen The Bachelor?

And the Emmy Goes To…

More crying from Mom. She’s afraid her son is going to make the wrong choice. Or she’s really angling for that screentest. She doesn’t need it. This episode is giving her tons of material. We can see her as an overprotective mom on an episode of Grey’s Anatomy, easily.

“Don’t let her go! Bring her home! Bring her home to us! We will welcome her with all the love in the world!” implores Mom. #ISmellAnEmmy!

Sorry, Alexis Mom. Pete’s in love with Madison. Alas, Madison dumps Peter after they go on a helicopter ride. She wishes him well and leaves. Somewhere, Mom is thrilled.

Hannah Ann re-enters, unaware that Pete’s just had his heart broken by Madison. Note to Hannah Ann: winning by default is still winning! Pete tries to talk himself into thinking he can be happy with Hannah, who senses that something’s amiss. She decides to leave the decision in Pete’s hands.

In teasers for tonight’s finale, Madison tells Chris Harrison that she regrets her decision. Will Pete abandon his proposal plans? Will Mom cry? (Yes.) Will she get that screentest? Will Peter stick the landing? Will Hannah Ann get a slot this fall on Dancing With the Stars? Don’t miss tonight’s two-hour finale starting at 8 p.m. on ABC to find out!

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