Game of Thrones Season 8 Prediction: The Endgame

Game of Thrones Endgame April 12, 2019Game of Thrones

As Game of Thrones prepares to begin airing its final season starting this Sunday, many theories have been floating around social media about how the epic HBO show will finally come to an end.

There have been many things along the way that have needed to be incorporated into a valid theory — things like HBO’s ad campaign of Season 4 — all men must die, making fans wonder if this was just hyperbole or an actual prediction. After all, the White Walkers are on the march and could end up killing everyone. But will they?

Would the show really have such a dreadful, depressing ending? It’s Game of Thrones! Of course, they would. But we are hoping that won’t be exactly what happens. Here are some guesses about things that may just happen to lead us to the end.

Special Skills
We have discussed before about Arya (Maisie Williams) being able to change faces and possibly using that skill to go undercover with the White Walkers. But there’s another Stark with a special skill that may come in handy too.


Bran (Isaac Hempstead Wright) is less like his own self every day and more like the detached from humanity Three-Eyed Raven he has become, complete with the power to warg. There are many theorizing that he could warg into a dragon to breathe fire on all of the White Walkers because of the Three-Eyed Raven’s prediction that he will fly, but that seems too pat.

A Bran-New Hero
What if he were to warg into the Night King himself? Would he be able to save humanity by doing that during a duel to the death with either Jon (Kit Harington) or a fight to the death with Dany (Emilia Clarke) on their respective dragons? It feels like Bran and this ability would be key to the end.

And if Bran is the one to save the day, would that make him the true heir to the Iron Throne? We’re guessing no — he will remain as the Three-Eyed Raven. But what about the Children of the Forest?

Ah, The Children
They’re the ones who created the White Walkers (during their war with humans) and many were struck down, trying to help Bran escape. Will survivors who were elsewhere factor into the ending seeking redemption?

There are still many loose ends — possibly too many — for the show to tie up with only six more episodes. Who will live and who will die will be answered soon enough but there’s one thing we know for sure — it will be hard for viewers when there isn’t any more Game of Thrones to look forward to seeing.

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