Five Grey’s Anatomy Characters Who Can Leave After This Season

Owen HuntOwen Hunt

There are many Grey’s Anatomy characters fans never want to see leave the beloved show — Meredith Grey, Alex Karev, and Miranda Bailey, just to name a few — but there are a few viewers wouldn’t mind saying goodbye to.

Though it’s hard to agree on the exact doctors who should leave, here are five characters who should maybe hit the road.

1. Owen Hunt (Kevin McKidd)
Sorry Grey’s fans, but it feels as if Owen’s time on the show has come. Not only is he one of the very few characters to be on more than 10 seasons, but it seems as if his storyline has run its course. How many more doctors can he date, marry, and then break up with?

2. Teddy Altman (Kim Raver)
While Teddy is a good character, she needs to move on with her life. Her back and forth with Owen has been going on for far too long. Maybe at the end of Season 15, she and Owen will run away together and live happily ever after!

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3. Maggie Pierce (Kelly McCreary)
It’s nice to see Meredith close to a sister after Lexie’s tragic death many seasons ago, but let’s face it, Maggie isn’t that interesting. Yes, she’s happily dating Jackson and connecting with her birth father, Richard, but there’s not much else to her storyline anymore.

4. Taryn Helm (Jaicy Elliot)
It felt as if the writers were going to do something interesting with Dr. Helm, but yet again, she’s nothing more than a one-dimensional character. It’d be nice for viewers to either learn more about her and connect, or send her on her way.

5. Link (Chris Carmack)
This one is going to be controversial, but there are a few reasons why Link can move away from Seattle after Season 15. Yes, he has chemistry with Amelia and is friends with Jo, but he’s too pure for Grey Sloan Memorial.

Every doctor at the hospital is a little dark and twisty — as Meredith would say — but Link seems too nice. Bottom line? He’s going to get eaten alive eventually.

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