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Five Fast Facts About Television Icon Jaclyn Smith

Jaclyn SmithJaclyn Smith

Every little girl in the 1970s and ’80s (and even the 1990s), wanted desperately to be Kelly Garrett – but that role was taken…by actress Jaclyn Smith. After the conclusion of the juggernaut that was Charlie’s Angels, Smith continued to act. But while she’s been a constant in the life of many a TV viewer, how much do you really know about her?

All About Jaclyn Smith

From when and where she was born to the song that she inspired, here are five fast facts about the one and only Jaclyn Smith.

Who Is Jaclyn Smith?
She was born on October 26, 1945, in Houston, Texas, to dentist Jack Smith and his wife, Margaret Ellen (nee Hartsfield). Her paternal forebearers were Russian Jewish immigrants, and her mother’s family was of English Scottish, Irish, and Welsh descent. Smith has one sibling, a brother named Thomas.

Gotta Star Somewhere 
Though she dreamed of becoming a professional ballerina, Smith found fame as a model and actress. Some of her earliest work included a commercial for Listerine mouthwash, and in 1971, she became synonymous with Breck Shampoo. Smith made her film and TV series debut in Goodbye Columbus (1969) and The Partridge Family (1970) respectively.

The Might-Have-Beens 
It’s long been rumored that Smith turned down the offer to star in Dark Shadows as governess Victoria Winters – a role that eventually went to Alexandra Moltke. What is known for sure, is that she did have to pass on the opportunity to act opposite Roger Moore in the 1979 James Bond picture Moonraker because the shooting schedule would conflict with her commitment to Charlie’s Angeles. Smith also said no to a lead role in Aaron Spelling’s serial Titans.

Late Night Melody 
Smith’s portrayal of Kelly Garrett inspired the French band Air to pen the single “Kelly Watch the Stars.” In the accompanying music video, one of the group’s artists is seen sporting a T-shirt with Smith’s visage.

Getting Personal With Jaclyn Smith 
Her first two marriages to actors Roger Davis and Dennis Cole ended in divorce, as did her third marriage to cinematographer Anthony B. Richmond. She has been married to Brad Allen, a Houston based cardiothoracic surgeon since 1997. Smith is a mother of two – to son Gaston (born 1982) and daughter Spencer Margaret (born 1985) – whom she shares with Richmond.

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