Filthy Rich Season 1, Episode Two Recap: Everyone Loves Redemption

Filthy Rich Kim CattrallFilthy Rich Kim Cattrall

“The redemption story is the very basis of Christianity,” so sayeth the golden-throated Reverend Paul Lake. Redemption stories also make for great TV ratings. And great TV ratings translate into cash – which is exactly what the Monreaux family needs in order to remain Filthy Rich.

Filthy Rich Recap — John 3:3

First, a recap courtesy of the prayer issued by Monreaux in-law Becky (Olivia Macklin). “Dear Lord, I need to unburden myself… Eugene was a great but complicated man…Not only did he go down with two whores, he fathered three bastards.” And he did so with three different women.

There’s “Jason” (Mark L. Young) – he’s a criminal who grows pot. Antonio (Benjamin Levy Aguilar), the hooligan with a blasphemously named son. And then there’s Ginger (Melia Kreiling), the Internet whore *ahem* Internet entrepreneur.

The Hits Just Keep On Coming

Who would’ve guessed that one man’s infidelities and presumed death could wreak such havoc on one family? But wreak it has. On top of the drama surrounding Eugene’s (Gerald McRaney) extended family – and Margaret’s (Kim Cattrall) decision to publicly welcome them with open arms – there’s also the little matter of Eric (Corey Cott), Eugene’s heir apparent, being pushed out of the family company by his mother.

And as if that wasn’t enough to deal with, the family’s upcoming shopping platform, Sunny Club, is in danger of losing vendors and deep-pocketed sponsors.

(Re)Building A Brand

With so much at stake, what else can the Monreauxs do but acquiesce to Reverend Paul’s push for spectacle? But will Ginger actually agree to a televised baptism?

Of course, she will. But only because she can use the opportunity to both embarrass her extended, hoity-toity relatives. So, it’s with these goals in mind that she takes the literal plunge, clad in a garment that, once soaked, leaves nothing to the imagination – to quote the always quotable Becky, “Holy hooters, I can see her areolas!” – and displays the address of her of adults-only website.

Filthy Rich Musings

First the good news. Rose (Aubrey Dollar) doesn’t have to feel bad for having the hots for her brother. Contrarily, she does have them for Jason’s adopted brother, Mark… a “greedy liar” who puts her in the mind of Eugene. Luckily a sob story from the boys’ adoptive mother made everything all better and Rose is now totally fine with helping Mark continue his deception.

Surprise, surprise, surprise. Eric really does subscribe to the premium package offered by Ginger’s company. And you thought she was just being facetious!

Now that Eugene has confronted his demons, been baptized anew, and sent on his merry way, how long do we expect his nomadic journey to take? He’s still in Louisiana territory, and his family is based in New Orleans, so surely he’ll arrive sooner rather than later.

“Planes just don’t fall out of the sky,” proffers intrepid reporter (and Ginger devotee) Luke Taylor (Cranston Johnson). True. Unless it’s God’s will (so says Margaret). Or the workings of some very powerful individuals who wanted Eugene dead. Only time will tell if the crash was divine retribution or the workings of a shadowy cabal… or a seriously pissed off spouse.

Let us know what you thought of the show in the comments section below. Filthy Rich airs every Monday night on FOX. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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