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Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay Spills Secrets About Her Wedding!

The Bachelorette Rachel LindsayThe Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay

Former Bachelorette star Rachel Lindsay is getting ready to marry her fiancé Bryan Abasolo in just a few months! In fact, the reality star alum just shared a lot of details about her special day and even revealed if it’ll be televised!

“It will not be televised,” she shared, though she initially thought she wanted a televised wedding.

“I think people think you have to have…’Oh, you’re getting big, they’re going to give you a televised wedding,’ which I kind of feel I was guilty of that as well, and then I realized, ‘Ok, they don’t have to,’” she said to E! News.

“But, then I still wanted it just because I was in such a mode like, ‘Oh, well we got engaged on TV, we’re going to continue to share this moment with people who’ve been invested in our relationship,’ and then as time went on and we’re so in our world and not on camera in that way, I’m kind of like, ‘You know what? Everything we’ve done has been so public, I am actually looking forward to the privacy of our own wedding and doing our wedding our way,’ because if we did it on TV, it would be a production and so, we would have to listen to people say ‘Stand here, sit here,’ you know?”

And, though she’s close to a number of her Bachelor Nation pals, none of them are going to be in the bridal party.

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“I don’t even think I’m going to have bridesmaids, and if I do it would be my sisters and Bryan’s sisters. I want to keep the wedding party small,” she explained.

“I joke with all the girls and tell them that I’m not inviting any of them. ‘None of you are coming! I’ll invite you to the bachelorette party,’ but I just say that because I’m still trying to work on the wedding list and narrow it down, but there will be girls there from Bachelor Nation.”

She continued, “I mean I talk to somebody from my girl gang every week…I’m going to see them tonight. It’s like, of course they’re going to be at the wedding.”

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