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Wild Speculation: Could Gabi & Stefan Be Salem’s Next Power Couple?

Days of Our Lives Stefan and GabiDays of Our Lives

Stefan set Gabi up to take the fall for the Andre’s murder on Days of Our Lives while Gabi made him think the love of his life was back and having his child only to rip it away. Sound like a match made in hell? Or perhaps it could be the greatest thing to happen on the soap in ages!

It might sound crazy but keep in mind that Stefan (Tyler Christopher) did fall head over heels for a woman who was pretending she was Gabi (Camila Banus) — why couldn’t he fall for the real thing?

Love isn’t even a necessary ingredient for these two to get together. Think power!

The old Gabi might not have cared but the new Gabi, the one who is capable of horrible things, got a taste of it and she liked it.

But, she doesn’t have power anymore. If she were to team up with Stefan, she could have it again. He wields the power over her company, Gabi Chic.

If she were to enter an agreement — perhaps a marriage of convenience — she could arrange to get her company in the bargain. But, would Stefan get out of such an arrangement?

He would get a ready-made family with Gabi and her daughter, Ari. He’d finally have the one thing that has eluded him his entire life — a sense of belonging. Plus, he’d have the ultimate challenge in trying to woo Gabi into a real marriage.

These two are like fire and ice and while we’re not sure how they would go about doing this, we love the thought of it happening. Could they get together for real and skip the convenience part? Perhaps.

Could they never reach the “love” part? Hey, it wouldn’t be the first DiMera marriage like this. Just ask Kate (Lauren Koslow)!

Putting these two together could bring sparks to two characters who are in dire need of love interests — and the power they’d wield could upset many in Salem — and wouldn’t that be fun?

Days of our Lives (DOOL) airs weekdays on NBC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

Video Credit: Days of our Lives

Video Credit: Days of our Lives

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