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Tripped Up: Is There More To His Story on Days of our Lives?

Allie and Tripp Days of Our LivesAllie and Tripp Days of Our Lives

When Allie first accused Tripp of raping her and fathering Henry on Days of our Lives, anyone with half an iota of brains was yelling at the screen: How about a paternity test? That will prove at least half of your story!

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Tripp (Lucas Adams) is claiming he couldn’t be Henry’s dad because not only did he not rape Allie (Lindsay Arnold), he never slept with her. You know what would prove both of those things in just one swipe? A paternity test! So why is Tripp so adamant against Kayla (Mary Beth Evans) doing one? Is there more to this story than he’s saying?

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Oh, yeah, 60% of Days of our Lives fans feel certain of it. You’re still not so sure that Tripp is Allie’s rapist. Heck, even Allie admits to Nicole (Arianne Zucker) that she can’t remember most of what happened that night. But something happened that Tripp isn’t saying. Something that is worth him acting suspiciously like a rapist.

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Maybe he’s protecting Allie. Maybe he’s protecting the guy who actually did it. Maybe he’s even protecting the baby. (Tripp knows a little something about being the biological child of a lunatic, and we don’t mean Steve.) But there is definitely more to the story than he’s confessing.

Nothing To See Here

How many times does Tripp need to explain that nothing happened? He took a drunk Allie home and left her there. The end. He’s not responsible for anything that might have happened after. Considering how hard Tripp worked to regain Kayla’s trust, Tripp doesn’t appreciate her wanting evidence of his innocence.

Sure, he’s coming off like a complete idiot, but 40% of the audience is willing to give him a pass. He’s telling the truth, and he’s just waiting for the rest of Salem to come to its senses. Days of our Lives (DOOL) airs weekdays on NBC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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