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Days of Our Lives Memories: Is Allie Confused About Tripp?

Tripp and Allie Days of Our LivesTripp and Allie Days of Our Lives

After months of refusing to say anything about her baby’s father on Days Of Our Lives, Allie – with Nicole’s very firm prodding – has suddenly remembered exactly what happened the night that Henry was conceived.

Days of Our Lives Polling

She was blackout drunk, she let a guy take her home, and then he took advantage of her inebriated state and raped her, And, oh, yeah, that guy was Tripp (Lucas Adams).

Tripp insists that’s not how it happened at all. Yes, he took her home, but they never had sex! Frankly, she was too wasted. Tripp’s not into that. Is Allie (Lindsay Arnold) remembering correctly, or is there more (or less) to this story? We have the hot take from over 4,000 of you:

Get It Right

It wasn’t even close as 98% of the audience is certain Allie’s got it all wrong. She herself said she doesn’t really remember what happened. She’s only got flashes and images, and most of those came after Nicole (Arianne Zucker) kept asking, “Are you sure you weren’t raped? Are you sure you weren’t raped? Think harder, you were probably raped, you must remember something.”

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Tripp and Charlie the Intern look enough alike that she could have gotten confused over who took her home and who showed up later. Then again, maybe she doesn’t remember anything correctly, and she and Charlie were consensual.

Never Wrong

Always believe women, 2% of you are proudly standing your ground. It doesn’t matter if she says she can’t remember. It doesn’t matter if there is no physical evidence and Tripp is denying everything. If a woman says this is exactly the way it happened, then this is exactly the way it happened.

Drunkenness is an excuse for not taking responsibility for your actions – Nicole made it clear that Allie shouldn’t think she had anything to do with what happened – but it is not a reason for why you might not remember everything. Days of our Lives (DOOL) airs weekdays on NBC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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