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Soap Veteran And COVID Survivor Judi Evans: A Message For Anti-Maskers

Judi Evans Days of Our LivesJudi Evans Days of Our Lives

Judi Evans has been through more in the past year than most. After losing her only child in late 2019, she decided to try and overcome her depression by taking a ride on her horse, something that always gave her peace. After being thrown from her horse, she spent time in the hospital where she contracted COVID-19.

Judi Evans Has A Message

Although she has recovered, she still takes this random and deadly virus seriously as it spreads across every state in this nation, filling up hospitals and killing Americans. This past weekend, she had an encounter with someone not taking COVID seriously and she had a message for him and for us.

“While waiting for our breakfast order, I started a conversation with an older man waiting for his. He complained about having to wear a mask. He actually said he doesn’t believe ‘all this Covid stuff is real,'” the actress tweeted on Saturday.

“I promptly informed him that I had it, and he asked if I had been on a ventilator. I told him no, I only had a Bi-Pap, but it hit my circulatory system so badly, they were considering removing my legs, and that they removed a foot and a half of clots out of both my legs. And I was a healthy person. He was very polite after that and wished me well as he left.

“I hope it helped him to understand COVID IS REAL, AND IT’S SPREADING AT RIDICULOUS SPEED!! Please feel free to share this with anyone who is repeating the false information that COVID is a hoax, and the numbers aren’t real.

“We need to unite and listen to the medical experts!!!! And follow their guidance and warnings. THIS IS Not A POLITICAL ISSUE!!! Do it for the people you love and your fellow humans!!! WEAR A MASK, SOCIAL DISTANCE, AND DO NOT HAVE BIG GATHERINGS!! PLEASE, AND THANK YOU!!!”

We know the leader of our country survived COVID and told people everyone gets better and we are “rounding the corner” and numbers and deaths are dropping. That is just not true. The United States is entering its third COVID peak with more than 1,000 of our fellow Americans dying every day and about 100,000 Americans contracting the virus a day.

We hope Evans’ story helps you be more careful. As she says, wear a mask, social distance, and please avoid large gatherings so America comes through this pandemic with less death, and eventually, all of our lives can get back to normal without fear. And no, this never should have become a political issue. We are all Americans and should be taking care of one another.

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