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Soap Hub Performer Of The Week For Days of our Lives: Lauren Koslow

Days of our Lives Lauren KoslowDays of our Lives Lauren Koslow

Soap Hub Performer of the Week is an ongoing series of articles in which an editor pays tribute to one performer from each show who was outstanding. For Days of our Lives, Lauren Koslow grabbed our attention and wouldn’t let go as Kate Roberts DiMera was determined to save her great-grandson from Clyde’s nefarious clutches.

Lauren Koslow Blows Us Away

Kate certainly wanted to blow Clyde (James Read) away and he certainly wasn’t expecting it. Clyde has been able to charm his way out of sticky situations, at least where his ex is concerned, for years. So, of course, he thought he was going to be able to do it again this time. Not this time. He messed with the wrong Mama Bear.

Granted, Kate was still reeling from the news that granddaughter Allie (Lindsay Arnold) has this baby as a product of rape — a rape Kate wasn’t around to protect her from. So once she deduced that the wee babe in the escaped convict’s arms was her own flesh and blood, Kate wasn’t about to let him slither on out of there in one piece.

But it was hilarious when Clyde thought nothing of calling Kate’s bluff, saying she would never shoot him. Ha! He does know Days of our Lives history — or Kate — very well. Too bad he didn’t consult Vivian (Louise Sorel) first about her nemesis’s propensity for seeing things through and pulling the trigger because he may not have been so reckless. Lucky for him, she wasn’t shooting to kill.

It was double lucky for him that her boss happened by the scene. Mayor Abe (James Reynolds) didn’t want to allow Kate, who has become a trusted part of his team, to throw her life away by shooting Clyde again after only wounding him in the arm. Koslow could have seriously hammed this bigger-than-life moment up but she walked the dramatic tightrope with perfection.

She wasn’t finished though — Kate then got to play Allie’s savior when she reunited mother and son. Here, her comic timing was put into play, as the heroine explained to both Allie and Nicole (Arianne Zucker) exactly how she got Henry back. Not only was the humor subtle, but there was a connection made between arch-enemies Kate and Nicole that hints of further fun to come.

It allowed for two days of must-watch viewing, courtesy of Koslow and other cast members, and certainly earned the Salem longtime our Performer of the Week award. Days of our Lives (DOOL) airs weekdays on NBC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

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