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Should Shawn And Belle Have Been There For Claire On Days of Our Lives?

Belle, Shawn, and Claire Days of Our LivesBelle, Shawn, and Claire Days of Our Lives

On Days of Our Lives, teenager Claire Brady has spent the last few months struggling with her mental health. Last week, Claire lost the battle and suffered a complete psychotic break that left Tripp with a severe concussion and Ciara tied to a bed and doused in gasoline.

When poor Claire was confronted with her actions she nearly took her own life in the same way she planned to kill Ciara. Grandma Marlena (Deidre Hall) was able to talk her down and Claire was rushed to the hospital where she was sedated and restrained.

Claire’s parents, Belle (Martha Madison) and Shawn Brandon Beemer), arrived to check on their baby girl and found it terribly difficult to accept her long list of felonies. Shawn and Belle both blamed themselves for not seeing how unstable Claire was until it was too late.

But what do the fans have to say? Do you think that Shawn and Belle are responsible for Claire’s actions? SoapHub asked if you thought Shawn and Belle should have tried harder to be there for Claire. Here’s how 8,000 responded:

The final tally revealed that 93% of you said that Claire’s mom and dad let her down big time. For many of you, it’s hard to imagine Shawn and Belle being the type of parents who would abandon their daughter. They certainly weren’t raised to be so irresponsible.

It’s also hard for you to fathom the fact that neither one of them took the time to visit Claire and check up on her. If nothing else they could have called, or Skyped, or texted her. Heck, they could have at least asked a family member to update them on their daughter’s well being.

You feel that had Shawn and Belle made more of an effort than they could have seen the warning signs and gotten Claire the help she so desperately needed.

However, there was a slim majority that didn’t think Shawn and Belle did anything wrong. In total 6% believe that their hands-off approach had nothing to do with Claire’s breakdown. In fact, you think that even if Shawn and Belle were the embodiment of the helicopter parent it wouldn’t have made a difference.

You think that Claire’s problem is psychological and no amount of parental love can solve that problem. Days of Our Lives airs weekdays on NBC. Check your local listings for airtimes.

Video Credit: Days of Our Lives Fan Talk Melissa Boyette

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