Devious Dimitri Von Leuschner Plays Gwen Like A Fiddle

DAYS recap for Monday, June 12, 2023: The player gets played.

dimitri von leuschner was suave during his interview with gwen rizczech in the days of our lives recap for monday, june 12, 2023.Dimitri Von Leuschner charmed Gwen Rizczech.

On today’s Days of our Lives, Dimitri Von Leuschner put that file folder full of intel on Gwen’s past to good [read: very, verrry bad] use.

Days of our Lives Recap Highlights

In addition, Xander (Paul Telfer) resolved to move forward, not back, blabbermouth Bonnie (Judi Evans) blabbed Sarah’s (Linsey Godfrey) pregnancy secret, and Chad (Billy Flynn) finally ditched that special ring on his digit. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into what exactly happened.

Dimitri Von Leuschner Dishes Steaming Hot Lies

An incredulous Dimitri (Peter Porte) zeroed in on weaselly Leo (Greg Rikaart) and declared that the two of them have unfinished business to attend to, namely Dimitri revenging himself on Leo’s switching out the Alamainian Peacock’s priceless emerald for a phony.

Not only did that action put a hitch in Dimitri’s plans for world domination [which he didn’t so much mind], it also cost him a fortune and his own freedom [which he is INCREDIBLY salty over]. Despite Leo’s pleas for mercy, Dimitri gathered him up by his collar and prepared to dole out a good thrashing.

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Enter Gwen (Emily O’Brien) — summoned by Leo’s pathetic cries for assistance — who pulled out her phone and presented Dimitri with a choice: stop this nonsense now, or she’ll phone the police. As to her question, “Do you want to go back to prison, or not,” Dimitri decided that he did not…especially after receiving a text message from his mommy reminding him how important it was to make a good impression on Gwen. Leo was safe. For now.

days of our lives recap for monday, june 12, 2023 had dimitri von leuschner getting a text.
Dimitri Von Leuschner got a text from Mommy on Days of our Lives.

With that settled and Leo taking his leave, it was time for Gwen and Dimitri to buckle down and get the interview started. Instead of trekking all the way over to the Bistro as planned, Dimitri suggested they conduct the Q&A from the room they’re standing in. It would be a whole lot more intimate — and not in the way Gwen initially presumed.

One call to room service and a delivery later, Gwen began her barrage of questions. What was his childhood like? Lonely, unsettling, and subjected to the whims of his troubled mother. There were times when he felt like he was the adult in the relationship. How was his relationship with his father? Cold and distant.

Dimitri granted that he grew up in the lap of luxury; that he had certain privileges that many can only dream of. But he swore that he’d have traded it all for a modicum of unconditional love…if such a thing exists. Gwen said that she thinks it does. [Dimitri’s nearly got her exactly where he wants her.]

Dimitri then rued how his “me against the world mentality” had driven the bulk of his *ahem* less prudent life choices. Like using a weapon of mass destruction to bend world governments to his will? Exactly like that! Amongst other things. If only he’d just been loved. Perhaps then he wouldn’t be so power and money hungry. Gwen copped to understanding him completely. [Dimitri shoots, and he scores!]

Days of our Lives Recap: Come Back, Xander

At The Spectator, Xander enthusiastically congratulated Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) on snagging a major ad buy from Saxon’s Department Store, and Chloe made a pointed note of her great, stress-free day. Maybe that’s owing to Gwen’s absence?

Xander assured her that she was probably right and relayed that Gwen was out scoring an exclusive interview with Dimitri as they spoke. Xander then suggested that he and Chloe celebrate her success with another smooch and she agreed — but only after pointing out that it probably didn’t behoove the boss to kiss one of his employees on the job site.

The smooch was interrupted by Maggie (Suzanne Rogers) who’d come to offer Alex’s (Robert Scott Wilson) old job at Titan to Xander. Xander hemmed and hawed and finally begged Maggie for time to think about it. During a subsequent convo with Chloe, Xander admitted that there’s a small part of him that would love to go back to work at the family company — if, for no other reason but to rub Victor’s nose in his assured victories — but that he’d rather stay there and spend as much time with Chloe as possible [because living together and working together make for great relationships].

days of our lives recap for monday, june 12, 2023 has maggie with something to say.
Maggie Kiriakis made an offer.

Days of our Lives Recap: Oops, She Did It Again

At the Kiriakis manse, Bonnie assured Sarah via phone that she’d *scanning the room for possible eavesdroppers* of course keep quiet about her being pregnant with Xander’s baby.

But no sooner had that promise escaped her lips than she handed Justin (Wally Kurth) a one-dollar bill. [Ha! Now he’s her attorney and lawyer/client privilege applies.] She then spilled all. And who should walk into the room at the exact moment that Bonnie insisted to Justin that no one, especially Maggie, couldn’t find out that “she” was pregnant but Maggie?

Maggie, of course, wanted to know what was none of her business, so Bonnie spun a story about Mimi being in the family way. Maggie was happy for her. And for Bonnie. Oh, how she’d love to be a grandmother again.

Phew! That was close! Bonnie gave herself a stern talking-to and demanded that she keep quiet moving forward. Nobody, but nobody, especially Xander can learn the truth. So, of course, in walked Xander as she spoke to herself.

days of our lives recap for monday, june 12, 2023 had bonnie spilling a secret.
Bonnie Kiriakis was about to burst…and did!

Days of our Lives Recap: Debate Club

With the anniversary of Abigal’s death upon him, Chad headed to his beloved’s grave and began pouring his heart out to her. He was soon joined by Julie (Susan Seaforth Hayes) whom he bid stay [and serve as sounding board].

They discussed Thomas and Charlotte — who’d recently been shipped off to Boston to Jack (Matthew Ashford) and Jennifer (sometimes Melissa Reeves, sometimes Cady McClain) — Julie’s belief that Abigail is watching over Chad, and Chad’s concerns that Abigail wouldn’t be too enthused with him being with Stephanie (Abigail Klein).

Oh yes, Stephanie. Julie likes Stephanie. And she thinks that Chad seems much happier when Stephanie is around. Chad agreed. But he also feels guilty about being with someone who isn’t Abigail. Not all the time, but sometimes.

Julie added that Chad would always feel Abigail’s presence in his heart and that she would want him to make room in his heart for someone else. Chad, in turn, shared with Julie the visitation he received from his late wife and how she’d said much the same thing. Or maybe she hadn’t. Maybe Chad was just projecting. Either way, Julie knows in her heart that Abigail would want Chad to get on with his life.

After parting ways with his wise in-law, Chad remained behind long enough to slip off his wedding band.

days of our lives recap for monday, june 12, 2023 had chad dimera saying goodbye to abby.
Chad DiMera said goodbye to Abby.

Opposite this, Steffy welcomed Alex into her abode and listened as he crowed about his new job…at DiMera. Isn’t he worried about how Maggie feels? “Hell no!” Victor? “No, no. Hell no!” Not after the way they treated him.

The topic then changed to Steph and Chad, and she reminded Alex that the day marked the one-year anniversary of Abigail’s passing [something he should have remembered as her cousin]. Alex issued Steph kudos for being so chill about living in Abigail’s shadow, and for seeming unbothered about having to share Chad with a dead woman’s memory. He then added that he admired Steph for being so strong, loving, and caring, and never pressuring Chad. That Steph thanked him for. That was tactful, kind, and insightful. Thank the therapy, Alex jested.

Later, Steph opened her door to Chad who’d come to discuss business. However, Steph couldn’t help but take notice of the fact that he was sans wedding band.

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