Why Does Anyone Believe Leo Stark on Days of our Lives?

Why does Lady Whistlebloswer have any credibiilty these DAYS?

two images of leo stark on days of our livesLeo Stark is a known liar, so why does anyone think he prints the truth?

Leo Stark, himself, was horribly offended on Days of our Lives when it looked like Chloe might actually think he kept his word and accepted her blackmail clothes payment in exchange for not writing what he overheard her say about Rachel. He wants people to think he’s a lying, conniving snake. So if he’s a lying, conniving snake, why wouldn’t anyone believe anything he writes in his precious column?

Days of our Lives: Nothing But the Truth

We, the viewers, know that Gwen (Emily O’Brien) ordered Leo (Greg Rikaart) to not make up his gossip items. But Salem doesn’t know that. First, we don’t understand why they even read his column, since A) Everybody hates him and Gwen, and B) Everybody knows they blackmailed the paper away from Jack (Matthew Ashford).

So why are they still paying him, either by buying a paper copy, an e-subscription, or in clicks? (Yeah, yeah, yeah, we can assume everyone bought their subscription when it was still being run by Jack out of loyalty, but that’s what the unsubscribe button is for.)

Leo Stark: Our Sources Say

And second, why are they taking Leo’s word as gospel? They know he lied to Craig (Kevin Spirtas). They know he helped Xander (Paul Telfer) cover up his kidnapping of Susan (Stacy Haiduk) and Bonnie (Judi Evans). But they are confident that whatever he writes is true and unimpeachable? That’s just dumb.

Wouldn’t Brady (Eric Martsolf) just assume that Leo made up what Chloe (Nadia Bjorlin) said about Rachel? Even if Kristen swears it’s true, which woman is Brady more likely to believe? Leo would hardly be the deal-breaker.

Everyone is so terrified of being written up in Leo’s column, while we’re wondering why anyone pays it any mind. Does anyone really think that — even if it’s true — Sloan would tell Leo that Eric was the best sex she ever had? Ignore the troll, and he’ll go away. Or at least lose his column.

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