DAYS Recap: Sloan Faces Nicole’s Wrath — ‘Why Did You Take MY Baby?!’

Nicole Walker DiMera proves that a mother always knows best.

nicole walker dimera confronted sloan petersen brady on days of our lives recap for thursday, november 30, 2023.Nicole Walker DiMera and Sloan Petersen Brady on DAYS.

In the Days of our Lives recap for November 30, 2023, Nicole goes off on a babynapping Sloan. Of course, she gets nowhere.

Days of our Lives Recap Highlights

In addition, Konstantin overestimated Maggie’s capacity to forgive and forget, and Alex and Theresa took their relationship up a notch. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into what happened.

Baby Blues

Rather than get to enjoy her first night with Eric (Greg Vaughan) and the baby that she stole for them, Sloan (Jessica Serfaty) found herself traipsing over to the DiMera mansion. She attempted to convince EJ (Dan Feuerriegel) not to prosecute Leo (Greg Rikaart). After all, she very much did not want Dimitri (Peter Porte) to out her little scheme.

Opposite the legal eagle and the newly minted D.A. arguing jurisprudence, Nicole (Arianne Zucker) apologized for how she treated her at the hospital and then took Holly (Ashley Puzemis) into her confidence. That baby that Sloan and Eric adopted, it’s hers. The one that she gave birth to. Her baby boy.

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Before Holly could take a moment to wrap her head around that accusation, Sloan and EJ came barreling into the room, setting Nicole off. She demanded to know why her rival did it. Why did she take her child? Who gave him to her? How did she get him? All great questions — which Sloan managed to avoid answering.

Meanwhile, Marlena (Deidre Hall) paid Eric a visit in the hopes of peeking in on her new grandbaby…and to deliver the cutest pair of baby booties. Also, to find out her grandbaby’s name only to find out he didn’t have one yet. Talk soon turned to Nicole and her tragedy, and Eric relayed how she’d insisted that his and Sloan’s baby was hers.

Marlena didn’t think much of Nicole’s accusation. It honestly wasn’t surprising. Rather than trying to cope with her loss, she saw Nicole as subconsciously trying to deny it all. Eric, for his part, admitted that he couldn’t imagine losing his son. The little guy’s got his heart.

Later in the evening, Eric accepted a visit from Holly who came to ask her former stepdad for one heck of a favor: have a DNA test performed on his baby to alleviate Nicole’s suspicions. Surely that’s not too much to ask.

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As for Sloan, she swung by Dimitri’s room at the White Dove Motel. She spun him a story about how the charges against Leo would be dropped by the morning. Bad move counselor, bad move.


Over at the Kiriakis house, a quick-thinking Konstantin (John Kapelos) laid the blame for Victoria’s kidnapping (missed that episode? Catch up here!) at his own feet. Well, the feet of the gangsters he supposedly owes money to, to be precise.

While Maggie (Suzanne Rogers) and Steve (Stephen Nichols) looked on, mouths agape, Konstantin spun a tale of woe. He said that he’d gotten involved with loan sharks in order to pay Victor back and had wound up in debt to his friend and the Greek underworld.

Steve didn’t buy the cock and bull story, but Maggie gave it credence…and that was unfortunate for Konstantin. If there’s one thing Maggie will not abide by, it’s her family’s safety being threatened. Seeing as how Konstantin is a walking risk, he’s got to go. All the way back to Greece, preferably. But, he wouldn’t go empty-handed. As this all stemmed from Victor, she offered to give Konstantin the cash to settle his affairs…and a hotel room for the night…and a plane ticket. But, that’s all he’ll get, and he’ll like it!

The Start Of Something New

Having returned home to nurse his bruised knuckles, which he injured on Xander Cook’s chiseled jaw (read about that here), Alex (Robert Scott Wilson) and Theresa (Emily O’Brien) got down to the serious business of defining their relationship.

After some flirty back and forth, both decided that they didn’t want to just be colleagues. To celebrate, they decided to christen one of the apartment’s two bedrooms. Alas, her bed was covered in a pile of clothes, and he hadn’t changed his sheets since moving in day (YUCK). The couch would have to suffice. And, suffice it did.

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