A Drugged-Up Nicole Walker Tries To Jump EJ DiMera’s Bones

The DAYS recap for Thursday, January 26, 2023: Nicole releases her inhibitions.

nicole walker and ej dimera kissing each another passionatelyNicole and EJ

On today’s Days of our Lives, Nicole Walker ingests a liquid that leads her to act out her baser instincts.

Days of our Lives Recap Highlights

In addition to Nicole’s inhibited state, there was Sloan Petersen (Jessica Serfaty), who worked herself into such a state that only Eric (Greg Vaughan) could calm her down, and Gabi Hernandez (Camila Banus) who let her desires override what remains of her good sense. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into what exactly happened.

Nicole Walker Falls Prey To A Trap Meant For EJ

Always one to speak as she finds, Nicole (Arianne Zucker) had no trouble terming pot stirrer Sloan pathetic…and in Nicole’s defense, Sloan did go well out of her way to let it be known that she had just rocked Eric’s world. What was uncalled for, however, was Nicole then hurling the phrase, “pathetic slut.” That did not sit well with Sloan. Oh no.

Not only did Sloan very loudly own her love of sex in general, and having sex with Eric in particular, but she also called Nicole out on shaming a fellow woman — never a good look — and for being so damned bothered that Sloan was doing the deed with Eric in the first place.

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I’m not bothered, Nicole offered, not at all convincingly. Oh but you are, countered Sloan. REAL BOTHERED! And exactly why is that, the legal eagle wondered. After all, Nicole has EJ to run home to, so what does she care that her ex-husband is getting some on the side? It’s really none of Nicole’s business. If anything, Nicole’s mood just proves that she’s jealous. Jealous and desperate.

THWACK was the sound that Nicole’s hand made when it collided with Sloan’s face. THWACK was the sound made when Sloan struck back. Gasp, was the sound that came from Eric who couldn’t believe his eyes.

After breaking the two women up and having Nicole harshly judge his recent lifestyle choices, Eric invited Sloan to breakfast at the Brady Pub; Sloan appreciated the treat.

Meanwhile, Nicole stalked back to the DiMera manse where EJ (Dan Feuerriegel) was on hand to play sounding board and offer libations in the form of mimosas prepared by his baby brother. The rub? One of those drinks was spiked by a mood-altering substance. And who should sip it but Nicole.

First, the drug made Nicole woozy. Then it made her randy. And since EJ was there — and being ever so nice to her — it only made sense that she should straddle him and initiate a passionate kiss or three.

DOOL Recap: Triangle

Knowing that she did wrong by purposefully putting Alex (Robert Scott Wilson) on the spot and dragging him into her and Chanel’s (Raven Bowens) mess, Allie (Lindsay Arnold) put in an appearance at the Kiriakis manse and apologized. Bonus: Allie was witness to Alex’s daily workout regime. Triple bonus: Alex not only talked some sense into Allie where Chanel and Johnny were concerned, but he also said that she was the hottest girl that he’s ever bedded. That really made Allie’s day.

Opposite that, Chanel and Johnny (Carson Boatman) both copped to still having feelings for the other, and both agreed that, in spite of those feelings, they really wanted to make a go of it with their current partners. Of course, that doesn’t mean that they can’t still be friends. They’ll just spend a whole lot less time together. And they’ll stop putting themselves into positions where they might kiss.

days recap allie walks in to her apartment and finds johnny and chanel hugging
Allie, Chanel, and Johnny

What they should also have agreed to was putting themselves in positions that could be misconstrued, because no sooner had Johnny and Chanel started to hug one another goodbye than Allie walked through the door. And Allie was far from pleased by what she saw. Far from pleased.

Gabi Hernandez Plays Dirty

It took some doing — and one particularly nasty face-off with EJ — but Gabi managed to not only drag an unconscious Stefan (Brandon Barash) through the tunnels and deposit him in the secret room within, but she also managed to tie him upright in a chair. Boy, the things that Gabi can accomplish when she sets her mind to them.

Upon coming to, Stefan demanded that he be released. He also demanded an explanation from Gabi. Just what the Hell is she thinking? Also, this attack and kidnapping isn’t exactly endearing her to him. Perhaps she should rethink her plan.

days of our lives gabi has stefan prisoner and is calling li shin
Stefan and Gabi

Days of our Lives Recap: Eric Brady Chooses Sides

When it comes to Sloan vs. Chanel and Paulina (Jackée Harry), Eric is team Sloan all the way. As far as he’s concerned, Sloan is the victim — the one and only victim. Oh, and Chanel and Paulina are just awful. Also, Eric’s very, very disappointed in Belle (Martha Madison) for taking the women’s case. As a woman who just lost her mother, Belle should have sympathy for Sloan. Belle’s all kinds of awful now too.

days of our lives recap sloan, belle, paulina, eric at the brady pub arguing
Sloan, Belle, Paulina, and Eric

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