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A Down And Out Xander Cook Lays One On Gwen

The DAYS recap for Tuesday, January 31, 2023: Despondent Xander trades one ex for another.

days of our lives recap for tuesday, january 31, 2023 image of xander cook and gwen rizczech locked in a passionate embrace and kissingXander Cook and Gwen Rizczech

On today’s Days of our Lives, Xander Cook ends one ill-advised relationship only to wind up jumping immediately into another. Some men just never learn.

Days of our Lives Recap Highlights

In addition to Xander’s game of musical exes, there was Jack (Matthew Ashford) pushing Chad (Billy Flynn) in the right direction, Paulina (Jackée Harry) switching allegiances, and Gabi Hernandez (Camila Banus) putting Stefan’s (Brandon Barash) fate in her hands. Now, let’s dig a little deeper into what exactly happened.

Xander Cook Kisses Gwen

Much to Xander’s chagrin, Sarah (Linsey Godfrey) insisted that he sign their divorce papers — right then and there. But why? What did he really do to deserve this? Also, let him explain about Gwen (Emily O’Brien) being in his room in a state of undress. It wasn’t at all sexual. Nope, no way. Doesn’t that count for something?

It would if Sarah believed him…but she doesn’t. In fact, she doesn’t believe anything that Xander has to say. Not anymore. She’s tired, SO tired, of hearing Xander offer excuses, which she then accepts, only to be disappointed or disillusioned somewhere further down the line. It has to stop. Hence the divorce.

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Opposite this, Gwen and Leo (Greg Rikaart) chatted about the former’s messy predicament, which she tried to brush off as her own decision. Yeah, to hear Gwen tell it, she made the decision to leave Horton House and exile herself from Jack because she knows he’s better off without her in his life. Isn’t Gwen just the best? So magnanimous. So concerned with other people’s feelings?

Bull, counters Leo. He knows that Gwen left for one reason and one reason only: loyalty to Xander. If Jack would insist on Gwen testifying against her love, then, of course, she’d jump ship. And as Leo sees it, Xander now owes Gwen. BIG TIME!

With that in mind, Leo suggests that Gwen mosey on over to Xander’s motel room and claim her prize while he books the two of them (himself and Gwen) a room at the Salem Inn. How does a suite sound? What? Only a small room? Okay. But how about two queen size beds? No? Okay, two twins it is, then!

Off to Xander’s, Gwen ran and finds him in a state. In Xander’s defense, he had just ended his marriage after his last-ditch plea failed to land. Maybe that explains Xander taking Gwen roughly into his arms and planting that passionate kiss — and that one, and that one — on her lips.

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days of our lives recap chad dimera gets advice from jack deveraux
Chad DiMera gets advice from Jack.

DOOL Recap: Moving On

When Chad returned home, he was more than pleased to see Jack and quite surprised to learn that Gwen was very much out of favor. Furthermore, he was a bit taken aback by Jack’s advising him to say yes to love.

But after a good long talk, Chad began to come around to Jack’s way of thinking. And after all, his dead wife did come all the way from Heaven — twice! — to tell him much the same. How could he deny father and daughter their wish? More importantly, how could he deny his feelings for Stephanie (Abigail Klein) any longer?

The rub? Chad’s got competition. Alex (Robert Scott Wilson) is still absolutely besotted with Steph, and he’s resolved to make things right with her and pick up where he left off. But how to best go about that?

Enter Paulina — originally on a mission to conscript Justin (Wally Kurth) to her cause, then content with tearing a strip off Alex for Phonegate — to help. Like Alex, Paulina knows all too well how one decision — mistake? — can cost a person dearly, and more than most, Paulina knows that forgiveness is possible.

days of our lives recap has paulina tries to take alex kiriakis to task
Paulina takes Alex Kiriakis to task.

Paulina’s advice? Meet with Stephanie, look her in the eye, and talk straight from the heart. Alex heads off to do just that, unaware that Chad has beaten him to Stephanie’s door.

Gabi Hernandez Insists That Dr. Rolf Forge Ahead

Rolf (Richard Wharton) is back in Salem, and he’s ready to deprogram Stefan…whether Stefan’s ready for him or not. And sure, Rolf doesn’t have access to the best equipment, and yes, there is a slight chance that Stefan might die, but it’s small. Very, very small.

So small, in fact, that when the choice is left up to her, Gabi tells the mad genius to do what he’s got to do. And so Rolf does. For a time, the procedure seems to be going along swimmingly. Stefan regains some memories of happier times with Gabi. Then it only goes horribly wrong.

The machines begin to spark. Stefan begins to convulse. And then all goes eerily quiet. Luckily, Stefan is still amongst the living. And he seems to recognize Gabi just fine. A sign of good things to come? Stay tuned.

days of our lives recap gabi hernandez tries to get stefan dimera his brain back
Gabi Hernandez wants Stefan’s memory back.

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