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Why Her Current DAYS Troubles Are All Paulina Price Carver’s Fault

Blaming other people won’t help.

Paulina Price Carver DAYS Spoilers for Tuesday, November 8, 2022

Paulina Price Carver is the champion of blaming others for her own mistakes on Days of our Lives. When she was being blackmailed, Paulina blamed PR woman Stephanie Johnson for not taking care of it — like that was part of her job! When the story was leaked to the press, Paulina blamed Leo Stark, who, yes, is a terrible human being who should be held responsible for many things, but this isn’t one of them.

Paulina Price Carver: Look In The Mirror

Finally, when the evidence against Chanel Dupree (Raven Bowens) was handed over to the police, Paulina blamed Melinda Trask for doing her job and prosecuting Paulina’s criminal daughter. How could these people put Paulina’s election as governor in danger? How could they make any decisions without putting her front and center? And the irony is, the entire crisis, in the end, is all Paulina’s fault!

DAYS Cover Up

Remember how Martha Stewart went to prison not for committing a crime but for covering up a crime? Yeah, we’ve got the same stupidity going on here. According to what Chanel told Allie Horton (Lindsay Arnold), she confessed everything that happened to the Oxford police when they came to get her after she shoved her lover’s wife off the roof. Her self-defense was on the record, and she probably would have gotten off due to extenuating circumstances.

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It was Paulina (Jackée Harry) throwing money, and threats around that led to the case being buried. Which led to Sloan Petersen (Jessica Serfaty) wanting to vindicate her mom. Which led to her blackmailing Paulina. Which led to the story coming out the day after Paulina’s election.

Days of our Lives: Over and Done

If Paulina hadn’t swooped in to try and control the situation, Chanel’s crime would be a matter of public record. If the voters didn’t care that Paulina had one daughter — Lani Price Grant (Sal Stowers) — in prison for committing a murder in self-defense, they likely wouldn’t have cared about a second one. Paulina would have still won her election. And Sloan would have had nothing to hold over her head. Paulina brought this on herself!

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