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Which Returnee’s Visit Do You Wish Was Permanent?

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Stars from yesteryear have been popping up around Salem and beyond on Days of Our Lives.

Viewers are always happy to see familiar faces back in the mix. Whether they’re part of an “on location” action story or simply head home to support family and friends in their hour of need, the returnees are always welcomed back with open arms.

Of course, sometimes, it makes fans nostalgic for the good old days, and you wish your favorite actors/characters could stay put. Of the returnees who have visited DAYS over the past few months, here’s who viewers would like to see back, permanently.

Carrie and Austin
Of the 6.000 fans who responded, 62% of the votes were for Carrie (Christie Clark) and Austin (Austin Peck). They’re two of your favorite characters, and you’ve thoroughly enjoyed their inclusion in the Prague story.

With Sami gone, you think it makes perfect sense to bring back Carrie full-time. Marlena’s always had a special bond with her stepdaughter and you’d like to see more of is. Plus, Austin’s relationship with little half-brother Lucas has always intrigued you.

Shane and Kimberly
Eighties supercouple Shane (Charles Shaughnessy) and Kimberly (Patsy Pease) was the choice of 21% of fans.

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You’ve enjoyed their guest appearances over the years; particularly how they’ve related to their daughter Theresa (Jen Lilley). The pair were once pivotal players on the soap. You’ve missed Shane’s ISA escapades and Kimberly’s sisterly moments with Kayla and Roman.

Lovely Anna (Leann Hunley) was the choice of 14% of you. She adds both an air of sophistication and humor to the soap. For years, you wished one of the show’s writers would have delved into the tenuous relationship between Anna and Carrie, the daughter she pretty much allowed Marlena to raise as her own.

There’s a wealth of storyline there that’s never been explored. You also wouldn’t mind seeing Anna mixing it up with Andre (Thaao Penghlis), her late husband Tony’s lookalike.

The final 4% of you have adored having Nancy (Patrika Darbo) tend to Chloe during her pregnancy and the birth of Holly.

She’s always been a fierce mother lion, when it comes to Chloe, and will protect her at any cost. With everything Chloe’s going through at the moment, she could use Nancy’s support full time.

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